• She helped melearn how to read, and I showed her how to swing.

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  • Well it'll be interesting to see if you swing at the first pitch and decide to take this class on.


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  • I like to think some boy's," "swing," "them."


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  • So we had to show them how to walk on trees and how to swing off of them onto other branches and see the little holes underneath that you can play in."

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  • I personally don't like swings that much and it's the B-/B+ range, so I'd much rather prefer that to a swing from A to C, and that's my reason.


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  • And on six Sunday nights a year, ballroom dancers from as far away as St.Louis - two states away in Missouri - once again head to downtown Indianapolis to swing to the music of big bands and rekindle memories of long-ago dances and romances at the Roof.

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  • Yes, we want to put a stress on "swing."


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  • But despite the small swing to Obame, there were still more than a dozen candidates running on their own.

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  • However,these parties will still require a substantial swing if they are to win power at the next election.

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  • "I farmed most of my life," "and I can point to any number of weeks when I saw more than a seven percent swing in my costs.

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  • The president made a recent campaign swing to New Jersey where the state's incumbent Democratic governor, John Corzine,is locked in a tight race with Republican candidate Chris Christie and independent contender Chris Dagget.

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