• "But they illustrate what I want to try to do in this book,which is to just broaden the thinking to get away from this traditional sort of radio search.

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  • So I realize that this was among a more childish demonstrations that I could come up with to illustrate this point.


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  • And I thought the best way to illustrate some of that Was to talk a little about some of the projects.


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  • The concert was interspersed with video clips to highlight and illustrate how important it is to educate children, one in particular illustrated the difference outcomes for educated and non-educated girls.

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  • So, the engine that I'm going to illustrate is called a Carnot engine.


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  • I'm just going to mention some other stories that are important, just to illustrate the fragility of the banking system.


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  • Just to illustrate this point, I thought it would be more fun to do this without just me.


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  • I care about you. I wanted to illustrate that this is representing different wavelengths in the visible.


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  • Now in order to illustrate the way in which what Iser calls virtual work gets done in this regard, let me just run through a few passages quickly.


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  • Often, to illustrate the issues of ambiguity, people have collected poorly thought-out headlines in newspaper reports that play on--that inadvertently have ambiguity.


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  • So, I'm going to illustrate the idea of kinematics by taking the simplest possible example.


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  • I want to illustrate one of the reasons why it has been so difficult to get a grasp on the hair cells in the inner ear.


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  • In the case of Michael Jordan, some... I mean, to illustrate your point.


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  • That was the point I was trying to illustrate in the nervous system.


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  • To illustrate the exponential nature of human networks, let's look at smiles.


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  • Well according to one school of thought ; there isn't anything particularly revolutionary about monotheism; and the classical account of the rise of monotheism, that has prevailed for a very long time, runs as follows, and I have a little flow chart here to illustrate it for you.


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  • It's as if a gap has opened up, a gap between the official argument of and the rhetorical figures or the metaphors, Milton's elaborately construed language, which he uses to illustrate that argument.


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  • Again, these just illustrate my point, which is: Why did nobles and even other people agree to all of this?


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  • Let's illustrate these general points by just reading together and trying to hear the beginning of Robert Frost's poem "Birches," on page 211 in The Norton.


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  • And to illustrate one of the studies, I'll tell you about a study that I did with Valerie Kuhlmeier and Karen Wynn.


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  • Just to illustrate the kind of issues that we're up against here, let me just consider a few different chemical reactions, all of which happen spontaneously.


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  • I said it before this is a commen sense and I want to illustrate the common sense nature of this in a few ways.


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  • So, to illustrate Skinnerian theory in operant conditioning, I'll give an example of training a pig.


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  • Let me share with you one study to illustrate what I mean.


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  • And to illustrate, I want to show you a quick video.


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  • > And Karen. Okay. So just to illustrate this point, and then we'll actually use this in a co-oriented environment.


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  • Here is a story just to illustrate it.


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  • And i'd like to illustrate this here.


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  • to causes of death in the world, to illustrate that what happens in the world around us in the U. S. isn't necessarily the same asin the U.S. isn't necessarily the same as what happens in other places around the world.


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  • And Charles Darwin actually, who was an astute observer of human behavior, tells a nice story to illustrate this: how "a native touched with his finger some cold preserved meat and plainly showed disgust at its softness whilst I felt utter disgust at my food being touched by a naked savage though his hands did not appear dirty."


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