• The German researcher is here with his U.S.coworkers. There's a Ghanaian in the crowd with his German roommate.

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  • If your roommate is dependent and needy, you could then go to your roommate and say, "You are an oral person.


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  • and I live with this very nice girl, my roommate who writes plays for a living and works at a theater.


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  • At 18,Laura Bell moved to New York and formed a Country duo with her roommate.

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  • You know, I mean right now it's me and whoever it was and me and my roommate Dustin and just come sitting there work serially on a new project and then finishing it and then planning how on doing the next project.


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  • I think I ruinedyour roommate's bathrobe.

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  • If your roommate comes in and starts trying to tell you facts about the human digestive system, " you say, "Not now."


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  • So stand up if you're here and if you're that person's roommate if they're not here.


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  • Well, you have a roommate and your roommate you could evaluate on "The Big Five."


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  • But also to ask the questions: what does my roommate believe?-Right.


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  • I pay $675 a month and my roommate pays the same thing. So together, it's $1,350 a month,


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  • You then go to dinner, you come back and you realize that your roommate has now vested you by five seconds and three hours later you've inched ahead again ; so it's a wonderfully motivational tool; and speaks to just how addictive frankly this stuff was and that too for me.


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  • And everyday when you come home from work your roommate is sitting on the couch eating potato chips.


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  • So, you say to your roommate because you want the house to be clean and things to change.


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  • Or you can see flyers around on campus like roommate wanted, that kind of stuff, so yeah.


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  • My other roommate is named Cooper Lewis, who is actually going to play Hamlet in that production.


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  • Could you tell us about some of the good and bad things about living with a roommate?


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  • My roommate for many years was going to medical school as I was going to graduate school, and we found we had so many interesting conversations about chemistry -- her from the context of practicing and using medications and talking about how they worked on a molecular level, and me talking about my research.


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  • So my first roommate here was actually Korean.


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  • That's all that the roommate has ever done every moment that she has been in your presence.


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  • He's going to act in it. And my other roommate is named Christine Kwon.


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  • You're about to drink a milkshake, and your roommate comes rushing in and says, "I've got the lab report.


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  • So she was roommate, was my classmate from high school.


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  • I had a roommate once who would leave her food out forever


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  • And your roommate says, "Inside the envelope are facts about this milkshake that if--I promise you it is indeed the case-- if you knew these facts, " you would not drink the milkshake anymore."


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  • Let's pretend that you live with a roommate.


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  • And your roommate would be very pleased.


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  • Well, you want to talk to your roommate about this


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  • Right now I want to go out with Peggy Sue, but if I knew these true--It's not that you think, oh your roommate has made it up, that these are lies; these are slander.


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