• "The remaining 88 percent of the variation from one center to another are unmeasured factors, that we don't quite know what those factors are."

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  • Neurons actually look quite different from one another but this is a typical one.


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  • And it turned out that another, not quite as deadly, but still very serious disease called syphilis was also common in this part of the world at that time.


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  • There are no books we can salvage. That would be another quite challenge.

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  • It actually takes several chapters to reach a resolution, and God pouts for quite a while, but a renewal of the covenant does occur, and another set of stone tablets is given, and according to one rabbinic text the broken tablets, as well as the new tablets, are both placed in the ark .


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  • He had not only written really quite daringly on behalf of the execution of this particular king, but he wrote another pamphlet, Eikonoklastes , which is a shocking defense of just regicide in general - not just in England, but as a kind of political principle.


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  • OK, so how can I code this up? Well, you might think, let's just jump in and write some code, I don't want to quite do that though, because I want to show you another tool that's valuable for thinking about how to structure the code, and that is a something called a flow chart. Now.


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