• And look out the window,dear, at the last ivy leaf on the wall.

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  • Again we can look at this in terms of thinking about a picture this way, in terms of drawing the wave function out on an axis.


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  • Please be on the look out for emails from section leaders with ; study guides for sections which will be meeting this week; you'll have a lot of fun with the creation stories.


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  • "It's all information that is out there for anybody to look at, but Michael looked at tens of thousands of images on the Web, picked the ones that he liked, got the raw data and then did the processing."

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  • I can look at that and go she knows what is going on, eight out of ten.


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  • Let's get him! Come on! Look out, Gump!

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  • Right, and just to get a sense of this, let's look at a simple little example, so on your hand-out, you'll see I've got a little piece of code that says assuming I've got one of these points, I want to do things with it, for example I might want to add them together.


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  • It's funny a little bit. It's a picturesque comparison, hair and gravy, 0 but it emphasizes that ugliness. Now, if you look on page 80 , this is a woman climbing out of the swimming pool.


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  • It turns out that if you look at the 2.5--sorry, the quarter million people on the movie database and compute their Bacon number, 2.8 the average Bacon number is 2.8.


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