• These interesting buildings are helping to show what skyscrapers and our cities might look like in the future.

    VOA: special.2010.03.31

  • It's gonna take, as I mentioned earlier, probably 10 to 20 years. These years will be very interesting and I look forward to them. Thank you!


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  • but you can always find something that is interesting to look at and to listen to.


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  • So temperature in Fahrenheit maybe with a space, just to get the aesthetics to look a little interesting.


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  • And you can imagine this gets complex and there's lots of interesting things to do to look to the real form, but those are the things that you should see.


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  • That is interesting because it kind of looks to some extent like the way neurons look and this is often known as neural networks.


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  • I thought it was interesting to look at Rupert Murdoch this is finance.


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  • Another thing that is interesting is that when you look at the burials of Greeks in the post-Mycenaean period, in the Dark Ages, there's nothing resembling those grand tombs and the wealth that's buried in them for the dead.


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  • Once those studies were done, some very interesting differences started to show up along gender lines, and then other investigators started to look at race differences, and then you find things like this that are very interesting.


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  • So, this unfolding of the plot and the epic story has been very, very interesting to watch, especially if you look back to that time when he came back to the company.


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  • And what's interesting is that if you look at the utopian rhetoric it almost always includes hints of this utopian relationship to schooling.


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  • It's in that context, needless to say, that I'd like to take a look at these two interesting passages on the sheet that has Anton Chekhov on one side and Henry James on the other.


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  • More interesting is to look at the 2 s wave function.


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  • And I think that's really interesting to think about and look at. But


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  • If you go and look at them, it's quite interesting.


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  • and there's a lot of interesting things to look at.


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  • so that should be something interesting to look at.


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  • So this is not all that interesting, but let's actually take a look at a 5th version of high that actually does something interesting.


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  • First, I want to talk a little bit about facial expressions, which are ways in which we communicate our emotions not the only way, but an important way and look, in particular, at the case of smiling because it's kind of interesting.


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  • That's such an interesting issue, that again, when we return to talk about sex differences we'll look at that in a little bit more detail to see if it's supported by the evidence.


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  • There are also interesting breakdowns by gender, and so if we look at the males and the females on the left here, you see that the females have a higher risk of consequences if they have metabolic syndrome then the males do.


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  • OK, and if I wanted to look at it, we can come back over here, and we can see what does c p 1 look like, interesting.


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  • If you look at the current term structure, it's interesting.


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  • Okay, it's interesting to hear your experiences with these and we look forward to seeing the concept sheets and your reactions to them, so we hope that was a good experience for you.


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  • If you look at weight and risk of Type Diabetes you start to see something pretty interesting.


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  • As I said, when the health minister of China says that, over nutrition is a bigger problem than under nutrition, we're seeing a changing world, so the global view is extremely interesting as we look around the world.


    耶鲁公开课 - 关于食物的心理学、生物学和政治学课程节选

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