• "Now this time I get the super money maker because I want now to cultivate a large piece of area, where I can grow more crops, commercial crops."

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  • On the positive side,when we cultivate these things, it also helps us deal much better with the negative when dead arises.


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  • And I know that like in Japan, they like to cultivate relationships first before they do business with one another,


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  • What he means is that we are ill because we do not cultivate what we are about enough.


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  • Even the Platonic just city will have to cultivate warrior citizens who are prepared to risk life in battle for the sake of their own city.


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  • A group of scientists, mainly in Boston found, importantly, that they could cultivate the polio virus, the disease causing polio virus; they could cultivate it in cell culture.


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  • So the question then comes is given that, do you have the courage to examine who you are, do you have the courage to try to cultivate the capacity to love, not just with them in the abstract, but other human beings, not just your family, but what I call "spill-over love".


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  • They knew how to cultivate the grape to make excellent wine; they knew how to cultivate olives to be able to make superb olive oil and how to process them to produce the result.


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  • He carves down the forest, he begins to cultivate the land and he declares what you got to have for success in the South is "A house, some land and some niggers."


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  • Well, every single day, my goal right now is to cultivate contentment, which is really hard.


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  • And basically it's, I do see the overall picture trying to cultivate


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  • When we don't cultivate ourselves enough, we don't cultivate our relationships enough,that's when we fail.


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  • It would be much nicer and easier,smoother, it would be much easier, if we could just cultivate children self-esteem telling them how wonderful they are.


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  • this is the theme we go through all the course is cultivate capacity.


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  • When we cultivate the positive, we are essentially focusing on prevention.


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  • And at the same time,we also need to cultivate the positive, to think more of the zero to the positive side of the equation as well.


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  • It is also important to put these resources in places that help us cultivate capacity, the capacity to deal with these difficulties and hardships when they arise and they will arise.


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  • So what we are doing: we cultivate the positive; we are strengthening our,metaphorically speaking, " psychological "engine"; and we are better able to deal with the negative to zero, not to mention the fact that we are also able to become happier.


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  • It is found that the most effective way of dealing with this phenomenon was actually to cultivate the positive,to cultivate personal strengths, to cultivate and identify one's passions, ? to ask a question such as "what is meaningful to me in my life?


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  • We have to work and look at the fine qualities and cultivate those.


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  • Doesn't Aristotle call man the rational animal, the being with logos, suggesting that all human beings have a desire for knowledge and the desire to cultivate their minds and live as free persons.


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  • In order to do that,we need to cultivate these traits.


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  • before I go to the second reason, if Marva Collins is here today, : here's the question she would be asking us: "How can we cultivate the seed of greatness in ourselves and families, in our communities and organizations, " in our nation and in our world?"


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