• She wanted to argue about very small differences and unimportant details.

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  • That is to say, plays, in which various characters sit around or stand around and argue about philosophical positions.


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  • why happiness is not important may be on the people who would argue otherwise-- we will talk about that argument later.


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  • "This movement is about the people. Who can argue a movement that is about the people and for the people.

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  • I have a way to account for that, but it's going to take to the end of my argument to do that, so I'm going to argue that that's significant, but I'm not going to talk about why it's significant yet.


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  • I had to argue for this to happen, cause I really feel that this class isn't about me.

    我来解释一下我的理由 我觉得,这门课不应该仅仅由我来讲

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  • And we can argue about whether or not that's work, but that has been the intention certainly in the 20th century and now 21st.


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  • In fact, linguists often argue about this subject, and it's a complicated one.


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  • Now, we might argue about what's the exact best list of those abilities.


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  • I would say that the crux, the kernel of the critique, a lot of things you can argue about-- The kernel of the critique lies in this assertion which derives its force from an interpretation of pictures on pottery.


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  • Now, in the course of this discussion, Socrates and his disciples argue about not so much the existence of the soul, but the question really is the immortality of the soul.


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  • But there is a different example that we have to worry about is where, which to argue against this proposal that the body could be decomposed and then be recomposed.


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  • It's sort of late in the day for students who have been through the better part of a semester thinking about the nature of death to argue, maybe, it wasn't such a good idea for you to take this class in the first place.


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