• She ditched the ceiling fans, covered yellow walls with sage-colored wallpaper, darkened the blond wood floor and installed wool carpets.

    WSJ: One Duplex, Three Renovations | Balance Sheet

  • For the museum's Pacific Hall, set to reopen in the fall, Ms. Ide came up with the idea to put a large map on a new wood floor, inlaid with images of islands and letters in contrasting wood to draw visitors into the sweep of the original Pacific migration to Hawaii.

    WSJ: At the Side of an Expert Exhibitionist: Melanie Ide

  • And even though Alan had never been in the hotel or real estate business, he had an unbelievable clarity of vision I'll never forget, in 2000, he walked me through this gutted brick structure and was describing the color of the curtains, the type of wood floor, the long bench in the entrance.

    WSJ: Alan Faena's Argentine Residence

  • Brooklynites mourning the loss of their Coney Island boardwalk to a concrete replacement will find it in the handsomely recycled wood of the court floor.

    WSJ: Barnes Collection | Tod Williams | Billie Tsien | The New Barnes Shouldn't Work��But Does | By Ada Louise Huxtable

  • Floor is on 2nd floor, wood and linoleum.

    FORBES: Spilled Wine On The Carpet? Just Ask Hometalk How To Clean It

  • As the film observes with an excess of equanimity, fans and musicologists alike have claimed to find the secret of the Motown Sound in everything from the label's stars to its producers or the wood on the studio floor, yet they've overlooked, or underheard, the most obvious source of all, the studio musicians.

    WSJ: Harry Potter Grows Up

  • At the Froxfield workshops in Hampshire, where Mr Peters was apprenticed at 16, eagerly sweeping every last wood-curl from the floor, there were treadle saws, and only natural daylight illuminated the aproned young men bent solemnly over their work benches.

    ECONOMIST: Alan Peters

  • In the cottage downstairs there was only one room, with a kitchen at one end and a sitting room at the other, a flagged floor and a wood fire smoldering in a wide stone hearth, one wall stripped back to the naked stone.

    NEWYORKER: She��s the One

  • The Internet has littered the forest floor with the dry kindling wood of creation, and entrepreneurs are walking through throwing lit matches.

    FORBES: The Ankle Biter Economy Rises

  • Not long ago we lucked into one of the enormous royal suites for the night, named the Kipling Suite: polished wood floors, canopy bed, towering floor-to-ceiling windows lighting the plush parlor area.

    FORBES: Just the ticket

  • The floor-to-ceiling wood venue may be sparsely decorated and the coffee is nothing to rave about, but the collection of more than 10, 000 records stuffed in a seemingly endless number of shelves is jaw dropping.

    BBC: Tokyo��s jazz kissa survive

  • The lobby floor is made from Philippine Apitong wood salvaged from decommissioned railroad boxcars.

    CNN: Catalog company going lean and green

  • The hexagonal home built of honey-colored swamp wood and sandstone includes features he invented - radiant floor heating and the carport - plus Wright-made furniture.

    BBC: From Warhol to Wright: An arty trip through Pennsylvania

  • He had little trouble in agreeing this, since it's been a key demand of his government - but Ms Wood then went on to warn of a "Barnett floor" turning into a "Barnett ceiling", locking in the alleged underfunding.

    BBC: Pocket money and paper rounds

  • At First Minister's Questions, the Plaid leader Leanne Wood called on the First Minister to fight for a "Barnett floor" a guaranteed level of expenditure compared to England, below which the Welsh allocation will never fall.

    BBC: Pocket money and paper rounds

  • There are 9-foot floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, a wood-paneled kitchen, a tiny bedroom just big enough for a bed, and a bathroom with a tub that looks out to the view.

    WSJ: Architects' Fussiest Clients

  • On the parlor floor, she left one door leading downstairs untouched, its darkened wood and markings a testament to the home's history.

    WSJ: Bed-and-Breakfast With Lively Talk

  • Floating wood stairs, suspended by stainless-steel rods, lead to a second floor, where a sparsely furnished living room and media room overlook the dining room below.

    WSJ: A Bicyclists' House Built for Two

  • On the second floor, the living room has white walls, vaulted ceilings with blonde wood support beams, wide-plank, dark wood floors and a second entryway.

    WSJ: Modern Homes: A Bachelor Reboots

  • Built into the floor of the home's circular spaces are actual compasses, created with strips of different kinds of wood.

    WSJ: Jim Ferraro's Larger-Than-Life Estate in Martha's Vineyard

  • Floor-to-ceiling folding-glass doors in the upper-level living room open onto a wood deck that is equipped with an outdoor kitchen, furniture, another television, patio heaters and, of course, more Haring-inspired murals.

    WSJ: On the Edge With Haring-Inspired Duplex

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