• And then Jones enters, singing all worn-out and weary — and not, crucially, trying to act out some approximation of worn-out and weary.

    NPR: Weary but Playful, The Little Willies 'Roll On'

  • But the Soviet Union, China and North Korea refused to come to an agreement on an armistice, figuring that if they continued to bloody us we would grow weary and pull out, leaving the Communists victorious.

    FORBES: Bad News. But Good Markets, Good Economy

  • The technique is little changed from the previous venture, and is starting to look weary: he makes fools out of gullible celebrities (mostly, it must be said, from the lower ranks), pausing only to make fools of regular folk.

    NEWYORKER: Brüno

  • Reverting from revolutionary fervour to habits inculcated during the long years of Mr Mubarak's rule, weary Egyptians seem inclined to tune out of such disputes.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt’s elections

  • The vocals are both weary and desperately authoritative, and the guitars, strung-out but assertive.

    NPR: Gliss: 'Sad Eyes'

  • His brand of nationalism, however, would do nothing to bring Croatia out of the international isolation with which voters are weary, so the presidency would probably elude him.

    ECONOMIST: Croatia

  • Likewise, if web surfers don't pass on information, weary perhaps from too many messages that threaten all sorts of awfulness if they are not passed to at least ten people in less than ten minutes, or just web-weary in general, then the effect of viral marketing soon fizzles out.


  • Weary Americans and allies will see merely a vague promise to start pulling troops out in 18 months' time, with no new ideas as to how to win the war first.

    ECONOMIST: The surge in Afghanistan

  • Previous raids, hyped by the police before turning out to be false alarms, have instilled caution in a plot-weary public.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan and Britain

  • Our company recently commissioned a national survey, Job Seeker Nation 2010, to find out about the job search intentions and practices of the modern, recession-weary American worker.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But giving each financial firm the ability to voluntarily structure themselves into two halves might allow banks to stay globally competitive while carving out that mythical realm of stability yearned for by main street businesses, bank depositors, and bailout weary taxpayers.

    FORBES: Fixing Too Big To Fail Using Balance Sheet Sequestration

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