• In addition to Payoneer (EU), the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission lists Wave Crest Holdings and Transact Network.

    FORBES: Payoneer Quietly Enters Gibraltar Prepaid Market

  • Bravo has been the first to take note of this phenomenon and, more so than any other network, built content and technology to ride the wave to its crest.

    FORBES: Bravo's Andy Cohen: Tech And TV Are Redefining 'Social Media'

  • "We were extremely lucky in that we were riding the crest of wave in technological advancements because literally every week the guys in the computer department were discovering new plug-ins and new developments in the field and employing it for what I wanted to achieve, " he said.

    CNN: Bringing Bruegel to the big screen

  • They certainly seem to be on the crest of another wave though resolutely down-to-earth about their own celebrity.

    BBC: Human League reveal Secrets

  • By definition, surfers ride their boards on the crest of a wave as it carries them toward the shore.

    FORBES: Surf's Up: Develop A Market Momentum Investing Strategy

  • Slobodan Milosevic : Until last week he was Serbia's strongman since seizing power on the crest of a wave of Serbian nationalism.

    BBC: Bosnia war: Main players

  • Riding on a crest of a wave until last month, his party has been badly shaken by the affair and is struggling to limit the damage.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • They are the technological pioneers, surfing the crest of the wave as it sweeps up from the digital underground into our everyday lives and the unknown beyond it.

    FORBES: Meet the Surfers forging your Future

  • Riding on the crest of this wave of fan ill-feeling, a consortium of wealthy Manchester United fans dubbed the "Red Knights" have gone public with their intentions to buy the club from the Americans.

    CNN: The battle for Manchester United explained

  • In his first term, a smiling Mr Zapatero rode the crest of the economic wave, with a feel-good image of optimism and positive thinking.

    ECONOMIST: Spain

  • With a long cast made by Melnyk at the crest of a 4-foot wave, we are officially skishing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Shirky believes that we are on the crest of an ever-surging wave of democratized information: the Gutenberg printing press produced the Reformation, which produced the Scientific Revolution, which produced the Enlightenment, which produced the Internet, each move more liberating than the one before.

    NEWYORKER: The Information

  • Berm crest: ridge of sand or gravel deposited by wave action on the shore just above the normal high water mark.


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