• When Wachovia, for instance, announced its profit decline earlier this month, it said the deal flow has slowed and investors are skittish in the face of liquidity challenges - which means, until it becomes clearer how deep these losses have been, there's going to be sort of a cloud hanging over Wall Street, and also over the economy as a whole because this affects the housing market.

    NPR: Bank of America Reels from Unrest in Credit Market

  • She squeals with delight when she sees the plastic-covered sofa and the wooden spoons hanging on the wall.

    NEWYORKER: Miss Lora

  • "It's something I usually keep hanging on the wall, but it's the only weapon I have, " said Bonelli, 23.

    NPR: Its Streets Deserted, An Uneasy Boston Perseveres

  • Only, there is an actual gun hanging on the wall beside him.

    FORBES: A 1980s Cold War Kid's View From Moscow

  • His office in Bellevue, Wash. even has a fossil crocodile from Germany, embedded in the stone in which it was preserved, hanging on the wall instead of a painting.

    FORBES: Dig It

  • I'd hear him get off the couch and walk to the only phone on our first floor, the one hanging on the wall in the kitchen with the 50-foot-long, tangled cord.

    ENGADGET: Growing up Geek: Philip Berne Alt

  • No entity is exempt and, in our world, just about everyone can be engaged in some form of fraudulent activity and theft, be it office supplies, time, gasoline, telephone calls, cash, assets, food, liquor, pictures hanging on the wall, bed sheets, dishes, narcotics, credit cards, checks, information, and whatever else is available for the taking or diversion.

    FORBES: How Do You Spot The Thief Inside Your Company?

  • The gun comes with photos of Connors later in his life that show the gun hanging on his office wall.

    FORBES: Great Guns

  • Now the anti-wolf-shooting crowd had forced a third referendum on the issue, and Palin, who kept a pair of wolf pelts hanging on her office wall, behind a cradle swing for Trig, was keen to see the initiative fail.

    NEWYORKER: The State of Sarah Palin

  • The truth is that while I love museums and galleries (and I buy all of my art from great galleries in NYC and around the world and spot talents on the rise in museum shows), the whole concept of just seeing a piece of art hanging on a white wall seemed too out of touch from my reality.

    FORBES: Art Collecting For Career Women: Savvy Tips on How To Start A Contemporary Art Collection

  • Part of the surge of interest in art is profit-mindedness, not just the pride of hanging a masterpiece on the wall.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In particular, as Mr Wall notes, he provides an answer to the question left hanging by Mr Stora: namely, given that the French army by the end of the 1950s had more or less won its war in Algeria, why did Algeria nonetheless gain its independence?

    ECONOMIST: Algeria then and now

  • This morning, I went out to check on the couple that has been hanging out in the bananas and gingers against our bedroom wall.

    FORBES: Books And Mantids

  • She saw paper stars hanging from the ceiling, and cards and posters on the wall, and a homey bedspread upon the mattress, but faeries had come to carpet the room with grass, to pave the walls with stone and set them with jewels, and to blow a cover of clouds to hide the horrible suspended ceiling.

    NEWYORKER: A Tiny Feast

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