• Vajpayee's vacillation in taking on the RSS, particularly in promoting communal harmony and economic openness, cannot but worsen India's malaise.


  • For all its vacillation between horrible and hilarious, there's something about "Pretty on the Inside" that rescues the song from throwaway silliness.

    NPR: 'Pretty on the Inside' and the Ugly Truth

  • It is hoped that the new government will be less prone to vacillation and to back-tracking on unpopular measures when political interests are threatened.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand

  • He may think that by staking out a clear position on the euro as early as possible he can avoid the appearance of weakness and vacillation that dogged Mr Major.

    ECONOMIST: Roll up that map of Europe

  • Add reorganization every 12-18 months whether needed or not, as employees quipped, and vacillation over strategy for vertical industries like finance, and the company exhibited a fair amount of dysfunction.

    FORBES: Paul Allen Critiques the Microsoft Culture

  • At most, there was a vacillation of 20 miles east and west, and the impact would have been the same regardless of which path it took in that very minor vacillation.

    NPR: Paper Slams Feds for Response to 'The Big One'

  • The Iranians, however, have grown weary of this vacillation.

    FORBES: Inside Shell's Iran Game

  • But some of Mr. ElBaradei's supporters point to the continuing political vacillation in Tunisia as an example of how even the most organic, grass-roots democracy movements ultimately need strong leadership to allay fears of chaos that could accompany any leadership change.

    WSJ: Arab Unrest Spreading

  • But his Westminster vacillation has caused him grief on the campaign trail, with Mr Paisley and others delighting in the spectacle of the most likely first minister in the new legislature voting against the first Westminster trial the agreement has faced.

    ECONOMIST: Northern Ireland

  • Vacillation plays a role.

    ECONOMIST: India��s slowdown

  • "The only problem we have had is that a lot of our good work has been subject to vacillation by the president and, in far too many instances against the interest of the American people, vetoed from the president, " Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said during a self-congratulatory Republican news conference.

    CNN: D.C. Brigadoon -- Applaud It While It Lasts!

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