• Huimin's main urban district has been renamed Sun Wu (as Sun Tzu is also called).

    ECONOMIST: China abroad

  • The council said the original motto had been replaced due to boundary changes which brought in several urban district councils.

    BBC: St Helens Council considers reverting to 'Olympic' motto

  • It is a humorous, poignant bringing-together of Peckham old and new, a hitherto unloved working class urban district on the verge, perhaps, of achieving international prominence.

    BBC: London's art attack

  • But other Democratic front runners accused Bloomberg of buying a race and interfering in the heavily urban district that also includes some Chicago suburbs and rural areas.

    WSJ: Anti-gun Democrat shoo-in to replace Jackson Jr.

  • Mr. BRITTAIN: Well, that rewards the sinner, so to speak for the sins of segregation by allowing the white flight to take place, and then insulating it, like Gary said, with this kind of apartheid border between the urban district and the suburban district.

    NPR: De Facto School Segregation Growing, Study Says

  • Late in the day, deep in the urban Baghdad district of al-Bayaa, I was walking back to the Humvee when I saw Marcus staring at a spot up the road.

    NPR: Update From Iraq: Appreciating 'The Darkness'

  • The swingiest part is the relatively prosperous but also relatively urban third congressional district, which encompasses La Crosse and Eau Claire in the Mississippi valley.

    ECONOMIST: Swing states: Wisconsin

  • But Mr Scott who represents shipyard workers, government bureaucrats, rural gentry and urban poor in a district that reaches from Richmond 110 miles southeast to Norfolk may be an exception.

    ECONOMIST: Redistricting

  • In our case, the support of the mayor has been critical, and as one of the only large urban districts to adopt this change in governance of our schools, I believe that the District of Columbia public school system will be a model for urban school reform.

    FORBES: Michelle Rhee

  • At Urban Media's first wired site, at 111 Sutter Street in San Francisco's financial district, six of the eight firms housed there now use Urban Media in some form.

    FORBES: Land Grab

  • The three most innovative urban school chiefs are Michelle Rhee of the District of Columbia, Paul Vallas of New Orleans and Joel Klein of New York City.

    WSJ: Obama's Education Choice

  • While you're never far from an urban vignette that contrasts with the central business district's gloss, it's best to plunge into another area of the city for more local color and flavor.

    CNN: Make the most of Manila's chaotic charm

  • "All over the country there are signs that say 'Central Business District, '" reported Alexander Garvin, an urban planner who is a former commissioner on the New York City Planning Commission.

    WSJ: Lost Cause in New York

  • Known for his long career as a prosecutor and a Los Angeles District Attorney, Gil Garcetti has spent more than forty years as an urban photographer.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission classifies 101 Spring, built in 1870 and designed by architect Nicholas Whyte, as a "contributing building in a landmark district, " a key supporting player in the neighborhood's singular urban scenography.

    WSJ: Donald Judd's SoHo Haven

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