• Coupled with its enormous cultural appeal, resurgence in the more traditional economy could spark the most remarkable urban comeback story of the new century.

    FORBES: The Katrina Effect: Renaissance On The Mississippi

  • My understanding is that these brand new condos are mostly-populated by 20-something college grads occupying entry-level positions in the traditional economy like marketing, sales or education.

    FORBES: Blame Apple For The San Francisco Apartment Bubble

  • Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform (Wiley, 2013) by Bill Fischer, Umberto Lago and Fang Liu, explains how CEO Zhang Ruimin moved the Haier Group from the Traditional Economy to the Creative Economy.

    FORBES: The Creative Economy: Can Industrial Giants Reinvent Themselves?

  • In a way, I think I managed to skip the first four stages of the transition because I voluntarily left the traditional economy nine months ago from a position of relative strength, and skipped ahead to the Favela Chic world of acceptance.

    FORBES: Kubler-Ross and #OccupyWallStreet

  • While most big firms today are still mired in the Traditional Economy of the Great Stagnation, kept afloat by cheap money from central banks, still waiting for an improvement in the business cycle, firms in the Creative Economy are racing ahead by creating their own demand with continuous innovation.

    FORBES: The Creative Economy: Can Industrial Giants Reinvent Themselves?

  • Now, there will be three different mega-places for income and wealth generation the traditional taxable economy, the informal shadow economy, and the virtual world economy.

    FORBES: Virtual Currencies and Roach Motels

  • But, certainly, in almost every traditional sector of the economy, including housing, retailing, road-haulage, railways, consumer products and manufacturing, there are hints of cooling.

    ECONOMIST: Holiday for the Fed

  • David Marshall, a vice president at the Greensboro Partnership, which was formed in 2005 from the merger of Greensboro Economic Development Alliance, Action Greensboro, and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, says the Partnership has developed a strategic plan that focuses on transforming Greater Greensboro from a traditional manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based economy.

    FORBES: The Best and Worst Cities for Jobs This Fall

  • "It will further enable the transition of the local economy from one of traditional industries, such as agriculture, to a modern, high technology based economy, building on strong existing foundations".

    BBC: Rotherwas Business Park bid given to government

  • What better way to shift your economy from its traditional reliance on primary production?

    ECONOMIST: Wandering scholars

  • These transactions also increasingly take place outside of the traditional hierarchical channels of the economy.

    FORBES: Is Your Job Robot-Proof?

  • As Mark Carney - our soon-to-be Bank of England governor - joked at the traditional session on the global economy on the final day, he arrived on Thursday to find people saying the "tail risk" in the global financial system had been reduced.

    BBC: Davos 2013: A 'sigh of relief' at the World Economic Forum

  • And traditional scholars worry that a badge economy would put too much emphasis on job training rather than the search for new ideas.

    WSJ: Merit Badges for the Job Market

  • The challenge for the recently established devolved administration will be to manage the next phase of this evolution from an economy heavily dependent on traditional 'low value added' businesses, to one that will be increasingly reliant on knowledge based and services industries.

    BBC: NI casts off 'blackspot' label

  • Allow the economy to romp past its traditional 2.5% speed limit for growth.

    FORBES: Digital Rules

  • Given the 9% unemployment rate in the U.S., the fact that dollar-for-dollar the green economy produces more jobs than traditional development makes it a no-brainer.

    FORBES: Green Jobs: Promise, Progress and Potential

  • If we'd once again leave the economy alone, non-traditional forms of finance would continue to grow, traditional banks would continue to decline in relevance, and our system of finance would be much healthier.


  • Parts of the traditional small enterprise sector and of the informal economy service particular components of the advanced sectors in a city.

    FORBES: The Global City And The Global Slum

  • On the other hand, Mr McCain seems to reject Mr Obama's plan to raise fuel-economy standards for vehicles out of traditional Republican sympathy for big business.

    ECONOMIST: Energy and the environment

  • Some of the more traditional energy producers say if you want the economy to do better, maybe take some of the regulations off in terms of making it easier to drill or to gather coal until you can develop those green energies.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The Internet revolution has created a new economy that has not only challenged traditional employment and the notion of 9-to-5, but is creating monetization and revenue opportunities from the one thing that unites us all: The need to be social and to share.

    FORBES: The Power of Sharing in the Internet Economy

  • Oppressive regulations will do little to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels as our economy will continue to be reliant on traditional energy sources for the foreseeable future.

    FORBES: White House Tax Plans Favor Foreign Companies

  • As it sees big money to be made in finance, the life-insurance industry is losing interest in its traditional role of controlling much of the South African economy.

    ECONOMIST: South Africa��s insurers: Unbundled | The

  • The current troubles are the result of financial panic and so are more like the 1987 stockmarket crash than the traditional bank-led credit crunch that slowed the economy in 1989-92.

    ECONOMIST: Alan Greenspan��s miracle cure

  • In truth the elephant is only a corporate logo, but the reality of marrying the Internet with a traditional building products company in a battered, backward economy is barely less difficult than the image.

    CNN: Asiaweek.com | Asiaweek 1000 | E-Companies To Watch

  • Since 1999 though, when a commercial airport was built on the outskirts of the capital Hadibu, outsiders have started to discover Socotra, a trend that is helping to ease poverty and diversify the economy, but is also putting the traditional way of life at risk.

    BBC: Stepping back in time in Socotra

  • This would give time for the traditional parties to reorganise and, perhaps, for the economy to revive.

    ECONOMIST: Bolivia's troubles

  • Bottom line: In such an explosive economy, there will be no safe harbors for traditional "value" stocks.

    FORBES: Digital Rules

  • Earlier this year, a weak economy, war worries and bad weather hit the traditional buying season, which runs from late winter through to early summer.

    ECONOMIST: A welcome change in America's economic weather?

  • By the late 1970s conversion to a market economy began, including development of export sectors besides the traditional tea and other commodities.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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