• But Mr McCarthy believed he could still shake Americans out of their political torpor.

    ECONOMIST: Eugene McCarthy

  • But at home the risk remains that she will not do enough to shake Germany out of its torpor.

    ECONOMIST: Germany's new chancellor

  • One is judicial torpor: of 335 criminal cases relating to his administration, sentence has been passed in only 39.

    ECONOMIST: A fugitive plots his return

  • As Russia heads into its ten-day new-year torpor, the future is looking unpredictable.

    ECONOMIST: Russia’s protests

  • His newest outrage has almost single-handedly shaken Israel out of its torpor, giving it a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

    FORBES: Fact And Comment

  • Such paternalism may have helped to shake Turkey out of its Ottoman torpor, but it goes down badly in liberal-democratic modern Europe.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Turkey

  • In addition, it is both a cause and consequence of economic torpor that politics in the south remains the province of strongmen.

    ECONOMIST: A tale of two Mexicos

  • Perhaps in fear of losing the argument to those who draw more adversarial lessons, moderate governments may be rousing from their long diplomatic torpor.

    ECONOMIST: Lebanon and regional diplomacy

  • The president, this line of argument goes, sacked the government in order to create an atmosphere of political intrigue and thus shake voters out of their torpor.

    ECONOMIST: Vlad the unpredictable | The

  • Technically, the answer is no: arising from his holiday torpor last weekend, he sacked the entire government, showing that he could still throw his constitutional weight around.

    ECONOMIST: Collapse in Russia | The

  • Peterson was desperate to wake the giant from its torpor.

    FORBES: J&J An unfinished symphony

  • It is just an idea, but the fact that it is being discussed shows that reformists are trying to shake off the torpor that seems to have afflicted the president.

    ECONOMIST: How to fight a conservative establishment that always wins

  • It was only late in the global crisis, when Greece admitted to lying about its numbers, that the markets woke up from their torpor into a sudden panic over sovereign risk.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • If those workers conclude that they would be better off spending now, since the alternative could be earning next to nothing on their savings if they retire in a future period of economic torpor, long-term U.S. growth will be the real loser.

    FORBES: Savers: Don't Shut Up, Speak Up!

  • So why can't Occupy Wall Street become a tea-party movement for the other side, one that might jolt the Democrats out of their torpor, tug them left, and switch back on some of the electricity that Barack Obama generated when he was running for president?

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • In this wondrously accomplished and furiously expressive drama blending the moody rambles of a road movie with the tightly ratcheted criminal tension of a film noir the director Amy Seimetz, in her first feature, captures the wildly flailing energy and exhausted torpor of grinding frustration as well as the flickering grace of stifled dreams.

    NEWYORKER: Sun Don't Shine

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