• And we decided there that we would deploy and develop a NAC territorial missile defense system, that we would pursue a set of critical capabilities to make the Alliance ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, and to do an overall review of our deterrence and defense posture.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing on NATO Defense Capabilities

  • "I think they do need to maybe explain more, tell more about what's being done to make London ready for the Olympics in that sense -- transportation -- because that was one of the key issues before the vote in Singapore (when London won the Games in 2005), " said Ed Hula, the editor and founder of Olympics Web site Around the Rings.

    CNN: London marks three years until Olympics

  • You just go to do your best and make sure you're ready to make a good effort.

    CNN: Jill Henselwood: 'Animal factor' in equestrian

  • When they get to the point of sale, unless something changes, they may find overwhelmed school administrators trying to make sense of how to access and organize new sets of content using this new technology rather than buyers ready to make investments.

    FORBES: Are Ebooks Really Books?

  • Also, new passing icons indicate when receivers are looking for the ball and ready to make a play, so digital QBs will need to be aware and only make the pass when the receiver is ready.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • To this end, it is ready to make tactical concessions - but without compromising on what it regards as its inalienable right to enrich uranium.

    BBC: High stakes game at Iran nuclear talks

  • With this year's album Country Club, the punk veteran dove headlong into a genre he'd always listened to, but was never quite ready to make his own.

    NPR: John Doe, The Sadies Rock The 'Country Club'

  • Usually price had little or nothing to do with the fact that I was not ready to make a decision, but since these reps never bothered to ask, I felt no obligation to tell them.

    FORBES: 5 Ways to Keep Prospects from Picking Your Pocket

  • The respondents to the post pointed out how they have had to rewrite applications to make them cloud ready.

    FORBES: How CIOs and CTOs should Improve their Businesses with the Private Cloud

  • But despite the final scoreline, there were moments when England stood toe-to-toe with their rivals and seemed to be ready and able to make history.

    BBC: England 16-46 Australia

  • The next meeting of the working group on Russian membership, in January, will show how far Russia is really prepared to adapt, and how many concessions other countries are ready to make.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the WTO

  • Three years ago Cemex would tell customers it would try to make deliveries of ready-mix concrete (the kind that comes in the trucks with rotating barrels) within three hours of agreed delivery times.

    FORBES: Cement meets the cyberworld

  • And I also agree, as an inner city educator who had to invest his own resources in providing basic services and supplies to a debate team I coached, that teachers are not properly rewarded for such outsized initiative (Mr. Tarkenton, if you want to throw financial support behind my important work teaching debate to at-risk black and Hispanic teens, I am ready to make that reception).

    FORBES: What if Teachers Played by NFL Rules?

  • Your health care team will thoroughly evaluate your health to make sure you're ready to start a cardiac rehabilitation program.

    CNN: updated

  • We just want to make sure that we are ready to handle the load, and we want to have a good system up when there is a public opening.

    CNN: WebGov still suffers delays

  • "It's basically a week, so we've got to get over there, get over jet lag and get some practice in to make sure we're ready to come next Thursday, " he said.

    BBC: England set to resume India tour

  • Last night, the President also spoke with Senator James Inhofe to make clear that FEMA stood ready to continue to support the people of Oklahoma through the immediate response phase as well as the recovery, and to let the Senator know that Oklahomans remained in his thoughts and prayers.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • So we need you to be fired up and ready to go and ready to really roll up your sleeves and make this happen.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • You just have to make sure the woman you sponsor is not only ready, but willing to make the sacrifices that are likely necessary for her to cross the threshold to power within the next year or two.

    FORBES: Diversity is Dead, Long Live Diversity

  • When it comes to broadening early education or raising the minimum wage, Obama is not ready to make lawmakers a part of the process yet.

    NPR: Obama Bypasses Congress With Public Economic Pitch

  • He said that it was for the parties to decide when the time is right, but the government will be ready to make the transfer of powers next May "as envisaged in the St Andrews Agreement".


  • Had the Americans and Israelis been willing to ride out Mr. Arafat's tantrums over the past seven years - - indeed, had the Americans not worked so hard to oust Benjamin Netanyahu, the one Israeli prime minister who was willing to ride them out -- they might have found Mr. Arafat ready to make a final deal by now.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • But it has taken O'Neill's departure for Albrighton to become a Premier League regular, and he knows there are more youngsters ready to make the step up.

    BBC: Marc Albrighton

  • But she was brought up to be patriotic and to dream of an ideal socialist society, and if that required personal sacrifice she was ready to make the best of it.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Visions of China: Peking University

  • My Middle Class Task Force and the Council on Environmental Quality recently released a report titled "Recovery Through Retrofit, " that explains some of these hurdles and how we can overcome them: providing homeowners with straightforward and reliable information on retrofitting their homes, reducing their costs to do it, and ensuring that we've got a well-trained workforce ready to make it happen.

    WHITEHOUSE: Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency and New Jobs

  • Rhapsody's "mature" desktop player is really starting to show its age, and Zune 3.0's addition of wireless downloads has us ready to make the switch.

    ENGADGET: Zune 3.0 hands-on Hands-on

  • And he gets advice from people he respects on a variety of issues and he listens very carefully to that advice on those varieties of issues, and then he makes his decisions when he's ready to make them, and talks about them when he's got news to talk about.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • But let's hope these early experiences of investing in free stuff only to learn the true cost will make us more ready to think twice about when and how we wish to participate.

    CNN: Instagram users should wise up

  • I've been to Mount Vernon several times, but it doesn't make me ready to be leader of the free world.

    BBC: Republican fireworks seek to catch attention

  • The president called Mayor Menino and Gov. Patrick to express his concern for those who were injured and to make clear that his administration is ready to provide needed support as they respond to the incident.


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