• They never thought about it before, they thought about it when we became a developed market.

    FORBES: Barclays Goes To Israel

  • Whether they have thought about it consciously or not, in moving up the organizational ladder, women have to some degree conformed to how things are done by their bosses (men).

    FORBES: Stanford Finds The Secret Switch For Women's Success!

  • Not that they thought too hard about it or conducted any market research.


  • Well the fact is of course that a few decades ago they would have done that and not even thought about it and they would have laughed if a burglar had complained that somebody had bumped him for example.

    BBC: News Online

  • When he got a reminder about it, his solicitor thought they should contest it.

    BBC: Apple core litter fine angers County Down driver

  • The DIA says they've never really done an assessment because they've never thought about selling it.

    NPR: Should Detroit Bail Out By Selling Van Gogh?

  • But, the more they have thought about this, the clearer it has become that there is little of substance that such a core group could achieve.

    ECONOMIST: Revived to die another day? | The

  • Many will still choose 100-hour weeks humping deals at Goldman Sachs or figuring out how to market the next Google offering, but at least they will have thought long and hard about it.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Many will still choose 100-hour weeks humping deals at Goldman Sachs (nyse: GS - news - people ) or figuring out how to market the next Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) offering, but at least they will have thought long and hard about it.

    FORBES: Grownup Training

  • "A significant chunk of the administration was not particularly concerned about the aftermath because they thought that it would come out alright on the night, " he said.

    BBC: Blair's view on Iraq 'tightened' after Bush meeting

  • Had the media even thought about criticizing it, they would have shown that Kadima leader Tzipi Livni's claim that only a war fought by the Left will be supported was a lie.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's media star chambers

  • If it had cause for concern about the age of any user - whether it thought they might be older or younger than claimed - it said it would suspend the suspect account and only reactivate it after seeing official government identification.

    BBC: Facebook social graph search results limited for teens

  • The question, if you are employed, how safe do you think your job is? 61 percent replied, I have nothing to worry about. 19 percent said I could lose it soon. 7 percent said they expect to lose it soon. 13 percent say they've never given any thought about losing their job.

    CNN: Transcript of June 'CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St.'

  • Given their dependence on tobacco revenues, it is unlikely that finance ministers and state treasurers around the world would be so enthusiastic about increasing taxes if they really thought it would lead to smokers quitting en masse.

    ECONOMIST: Quitting is tough

  • The Romans weren't used to seeing the images of their rulers on currency--only kings did that, and they thought it was further proof that Caesar was about to make himself king.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Among many other insights that this study revealed, we were quite fascinated to discover that when pre-retirees were asked what they thought they'd miss the most about work when it ended, "a reliable income" topped the list of responses.

    WSJ: The Experts: Retirement Surprises

  • There is no direct evidence that they thought hemp was enough of an economic threat to do anything about it.

    ECONOMIST: Legalising drugs

  • There was nothing analytic about that and I was really, I must say, surprised at how little they had thought about what do we do and how do we do it.

    FORBES: The Early Years

  • "When I thought about how it had transpired, I wondered what they had won, " he continued.

    CNN: Letters by Sandusky, wife blame everyone else

  • All they know is that this one thing that they have dreamed about and thought about and really couldn't even conceptualize, that it was being presented to them.

    NPR: Embracing Freedom: Juneteenth Celebrations

  • And as a commander of a headquarters' company over there, when we thought about doing a surge in Ramadi, it concerned me greatly when they talk about putting the Iraqi army at the tip of any spear, because that really means American support units are at the tip of the spear.

    NPR: The Military Perspective

  • In fact, I wonder if they have thought enough about what matters to the mobile user (or, as Jobs would frame it, what will matter to the mobile user when Google shows it to them).

    FORBES: Google Is Failing To Market The Android Ecosystem

  • Yesterday, many old friends and new acquaintances asked us how they could help, and I thought it might be useful if I discussed the ones we know about here in a blatant attempt to get your input and insights.

    FORBES: 6 Ways You Can Help Scoble & Me Write 'Age of Context'

  • "When the economy is doing well, we tell people it's time to set aside some money for something they may not have thought about, " explains William Rowe, a polished former funeral home owner who joined Stewart in 1987 and is now chief operating officer.

    FORBES: Grave dancer

  • The one other thing I will say is -- I don't mean to be insulting here -- but I do think that it is important for those in the industry to show some thought about who they are marketing some of these programs that are being produced to.

    CNN: Transcript of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate

  • He discussed the fact that many people never thought they'd see the day when a black man would become the president, and it spoke volumes about the progress the country's made with race.

    CNN: Malveaux: Bush finally opens up

  • It should be a thrilling thought for Germans too, since they would then no longer have to worry about low-wage competition.

    ECONOMIST: EU membership has worked magic in central Europe

  • Ngamu added the goal and when Martin Gleeson scored a deserved try with 13 minutes left, it took the Giants to within two points, and the long-suffering home faithful thought they were about to witness a rare win.

    BBC: Hull cut down Giants

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