• Yet in the words of Sigmund Freud, the repressed always return.

    CNN: Germany's Merkel is right -- multiculturalism has failed

  • No serious scientist would credit the notion, both unverified and unverifiable, that recalling the repressed, articulating the instinctual, magically undoes the inhibitions and pathologies of life.

    CNN: Viewpoint: Not Enough Conversation?

  • The Sudanese government repressed the insurgency, bombing villages and arming nomadic Arab herdsmen, Janjaweed, who have a history of land disputes with the farmers.

    CNN: Robertson: Darfur now a living hell

  • The prosecution said she had repressed the memory up until that point.

    CNN: Trust your memory? Maybe you shouldn't

  • Did the sight of scantily-clad women on the dance floors of Greeley, Colorado, turn the sexually repressed Egyptian into an Islamist zealot?

    ECONOMIST: The father of Islamic fundamentalism

  • Some of them received weapons training at Afghan camps affiliated with al Qaeda or the Taliban as part of their separatist movement -- the Uighur minority is brutally repressed by the Chinese government -- though they are not considered threats to the U.S. or other Western nations.

    WSJ: Palau to the Rescue

  • Operating under the assumption that US enemies are right to hate America due to its global hegemony, when the mullahs stole the 2009 presidential elections for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and then violently repressed the pro-Western opposition Green Movement, Obama sided with the mullahs.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: America's descent into strategic dementia

  • If the scene between Will and Alicia was repressed, the episode that framed it boiled with outrage.

    NEWYORKER: Net Gain

  • Most of the action takes place in the cavernous kitchen of a Swedish castle, and Figgis is to be commended for not opening up the play into a series of repressed arguments in the brambles (as a James Ivory film would do).

    NEWYORKER: Miss Julie

  • They found that the peptide was overly abundant in the mutant mice, and that its expression was usually repressed by the normal version of MeCP2.

    ECONOMIST: Neuroscience (1): Calm the anxiety, help the child | The

  • All the emphasis was placed on the fact that the two main sections of the population which had been repressed under Saddam Hussein - the Shia Muslims and the Kurds - had voted in huge numbers, and had effectively taken control of the country.

    BBC: NEWS | Middle East | No 'Vietnam' but much to be done

  • If you sat down and tried to list all of the ethnic groups they repressed, you would cover virtually every group in Europe except the English, the French, the Dutch, the Italians, and the Spanish.

    FORBES: Russian Oppression And Chechnya: Violence Is A Choice

  • To this list, Cuba adds a fraternal frill with Raul Castro, brother of the ailing Fidel, stepping in to ensure there is no interruption in the revolution that for 50 years now has repressed and beggared the people of Cuba.

    FORBES: Freedom Beats A Global Retreat

  • He is impressed by everything there that is overarching, awe-inspiring, intimidating, overpowering, crushingly colossal, or incomprehensibly strange, and his crabby, self-righteous misanthropy, which comes through in every frame, rises to apocalyptic dimensions: learning of the perils to polar ice caps posed by global warming, he foresees with barely repressed glee the extinction of humanity through climate change.

    NEWYORKER: Encounters at the End of the World

  • Instead of being repressed, the right of people to assemble together must now be fully respected.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks at the University of Yangon

  • Regional separatism was repressed during the long dictatorship of Francisco Franco but when Spain returned to democracy, after Franco's death in 1975, its provinces were given substantial autonomy.

    ECONOMIST: Slaughter in the rush hour | The

  • Ms Mohammed tells me Ennahda was repressed under the strictly secular regime of Mr Ben Ali - but this gave it more political experience and profile than most other parties.

    BBC: Tunisia election: Loving and loathing Islamists

  • Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, the brutal dictator who repressed and reshaped Chile for nearly two decades and became a notorious symbol of human rights abuse and corruption, died yesterday at the Military Hospital of Santiago.

    FORBES: Pinochet And The New York Times

  • "Father realised that as Slovenian culture had been repressed by the Serbians and the Austrians, Welsh was a minority language within the British Empire and therefore we had to preserve our language and culture for posterity, " he said.

    BBC: Felix Aubel: living in my father's shadow

  • Ken Kalfus' extraordinary first book, "Thirst, " starts out like this, with two stories ("Bouquet" and the title story) that sketch the confounding of a repressed Irish au pair in Paris as she encounters a seductive Algerian boy.

    CNN: 'Thirst' marks debut of 'major talent'

  • And so for the two hours of his recent town meeting in Akron, Ohio, the President searched and scratched, picked and poked to bring repressed truth and bias and hurt to the surface.

    CNN: Viewpoint: Not Enough Conversation?

  • But finding a peace partner will become even harder if the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria brutally repressed by Assad's father revives, destabilising the already much weaker son.

    ECONOMIST: Fenced in | The

  • If we're honest, Streep's also been known to overplay comedy, and yes, she does have to nibble on a banana in one of the movie's more predictable turns, but at heart this is a lovely portrait of repressed housewife and mother finding the courage to put everything on the line late in life.


  • You've got a significant component of the population who themselves are repressed and they just don't want to see that.

    NPR: Barbershop: What's the Buzz?

  • The story hinges on whether Nina can lose herself in the role by loosening her repressed libido, on stage if not in real life.

    FORBES: Holiday Heaven and Hell: From Potter to Portman to Pop's Potentates

  • Like the Kurds, they were repressed by Saddam's Sunni-dominated minority regime.

    ECONOMIST: Political snags, security woes | The

  • As I watched the unspooling horror of it, a repressed, traumatic memory resurfaced, of an audition, one that must have taken place around the time this comedy troupe was formed, very likely in the same town.

    NEWYORKER: Dead Man Laughing

  • Grateful though he felt to have grown up there and then experiences that allowed him to write "The Fatal Shore, " his foundational history of Australia's repressed origins as a penal colony the place could not contain his desire to become a world-class painter.

    WSJ: Robert Hughes | The Most Feared Art Critic of His Time? | By Richard B. Woodward

  • She is unquestionably accomplished, but she is not a repressed intellectual, in the mode of Teresa Heinz Kerry.

    NEWYORKER: The Other Obama

  • Yet the inspiration that it offered to repressed Arab masses has been powerful.

    ECONOMIST: Turkish foreign policy: Problems with the neighbours | The

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