• Relying on our intuitions alone for self-knowledge is dangerous, because thanks to the nature of the adaptive unconscious, they are often no more accurate than a shot in the dark.

    FORBES: Q: Who Knows You Best? A: It's Not You

  • No longer do gamers have to settle for sub-par performance because of a limited budget thanks to the Marauder's ground-breaking price.

    ENGADGET: Digital Storm launches Marauder series of desktop PCs for gamers on a budget

  • The task of complying with the tax code is now easier (thanks to computers) but also more difficult, because of the code's seemingly organic annual growth in length and obscurity.

    ECONOMIST: The costs of complying with America's tax rules

  • These are banks that have holes in their balance sheets, because, thanks to the restructuring of Greek sovereign debt, they can't now expect to get back all of the money that they lent to the government.

    BBC: Greek banks, the euro and the ECB

  • Only two countries are above the western European average: Slovenia, thanks to its wealth, and Turkey, because of its booming birthrate.

    ECONOMIST: The brainpower famine begins to bite

  • After five years of financial crisis, the European record is in: Northern Europe is sound, thanks to austerity, while southern Europe is hurting because of half- hearted austerity or, worse, fiscal stimulus.

    FORBES: If Austerity Is So Awesome Why Hasn't Poland Tried It? (Updated)

  • The industry has boomed in recent years, thanks to a stunning expansion of drilling in previously untapped areas because of the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which injects sand, water and chemicals to break apart rock and free the gas inside.

    NPR: EPA Methane Report Further Divides Fracking Camps

  • Nye won his seat, which represents all of Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore as well as parts of Norfolk and Hampton, in 2008 by 13, 000 votes, thanks in part to a surge of African-American votes because Obama was on the ballot.

    CNN: The Sweep: How did Obama lose his mojo?

  • Striped bass are a big marine fish concern of the DEC not only because they are a prized game fish for recreational anglers, but also because they are full of PCBs, thanks to the General Electric plants upstream on the Hudson that pumped the contaminants into the water for 30 years until 1976.


  • That is mostly because of domestic demand, but also partly thanks to its ability to devalue the zloty.

    ECONOMIST: The euro crisis is a threat to non-members too

  • Of course, I also have to say thanks because John invited a young Illinois state senator to address the Democratic Convention in Boston.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Nominates John Kerry for Secretary of State | The White House

  • That is partly thanks to high international prices for the grains of the Pampas, partly because of the short shrift Mr Kirchner offered to Argentina's creditors, and partly because the government has pumped money into the economy.

    ECONOMIST: The Americas

  • This year, as has been true for many years now, all across this nation, in cities and towns thousands of miles away from here, families are saying a word of thanks to a Senator they never knew or met because a Pell Grant helped open the door to college.

    WHITEHOUSE: Salve Regina University

  • Thanks to the "network effects" of these sites -- you join because your friends are already there -- it'll becoming increasingly hard to compete with the new king, or perhaps queen, of social bookmarking.

    CNN: Why Pinterest is 2012's hottest website

  • And at this level, China works if anything in the other direction, because thanks to its low-cost labour force it can pump out goods of all kinds a lot more cheaply than just about anyone else (intriguingly, it even has the market for sex aids sewn up).

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood

  • Instead, you may have gotten annoyed and stressed because you found yourself waking up at all hours of the night thanks to that little pinging sound.

    FORBES: Three Reasons You Need More Sleep

  • First, many of those job losses were in education, thanks to state and local governments getting a smaller stimulus in 2009 than Mr Obama requested because of opposition from congressional Republicans.

    ECONOMIST: The campaign

  • These firms have in effect been paying negative interest on their loans, says Mr Mikuni, because they have had to repay only part of their debt, thanks to waivers from the banks.

    ECONOMIST: Japan's financial institutions

  • It is built on small companies that want to test and refine things, in small dollar increments, with a greater degree of control than ever before possible (thanks to Google, frankly, because they invented or at least perfected the micro-buy known as pay-per-click).

    FORBES: Facebook IPO Flop Or Not: Did You Close Your Facebook Account?

  • That's because these investors often have large amounts of tax-free income, thanks to municipal bonds or Roth individual retirement accounts.

    WSJ: The New Capital-Gains Maze

  • This is important because, thanks to the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, it is now the job of the Treasury secretary to spot financial icebergs.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: Treasury Gets a Citibanker

  • And it is also because high energy prices, while hurting consumers, boost government revenues thanks to the remnants of North Sea oil and gas production.

    ECONOMIST: Britain's economy

  • Britain's relationship with the EU is changing not because of any decision taken in Westminster or by the British people but thanks to "events, dear boy, events".

    BBC: Global economy: Britain out of Europe

  • It occurred because billions of souls have been able to pull themselves out of poverty thanks to global free trade, property rights, the rule of law and entrepreneurship.

    WSJ: Arthur Brooks: Republicans and Their Faulty Moral Arithmetic

  • More Americans are depending on government (and private charities) because our economy went off a cliff thanks directly and nearly solely to the economic malfeasance of George Bush and the Republican Party and has been very slow to recover because the same Republican Party has blocked essential stimulus measures to improve employment and the economy.

    FORBES: The Real Truth Behind The 47 Percent - Why Aren't These People Paying Federal Income Taxes?

  • That is because mortgage interest costs have been at historically low and stable levels, thanks to the Bank of England pushing its bank rate down to 0.5% in early 2009.

    BBC: New inflation measure proposed

  • The president and many in Washington are complacent because, thanks to the Fed's unprecedented near-zero interest rate policy, the burden of servicing the debt today is just 0.9% of GDP, the lowest level in over five decades.

    WSJ: Phil Gramm and Steve McMillin: The Debt Problem Hasn't Vanished

  • This has been made more difficult in recent years because the Blue Dog tribe has been hunted into near-extinction, thanks largely to the rigged system of redistricting.


  • For many deep pocketed skiers the difference between stock and custom is equivalent to one or two post skiing massages sprung for because the stock boots left them sore or the day of skiing paid for but missed thanks to burnt out legs.

    FORBES: Why You Need Custom Ski Boots - Now

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