• Moreover, in the few areas of America where one cable company has built over a rival's existing system, where a telephone company has set up an experimental system to deliver television signals, or where there is an old, municipally owned cable system as well as a private one, competition has led to lower prices (see chart).

    ECONOMIST: Cable’s hold on America

  • The city also buzzes with the activities of Kinshasa-based mobile telephone firms that have set up relays on a nearby mountain.

    ECONOMIST: With a semblance of peace, trade is flowing again

  • Users can swap files, send friends invitations to download the program or set up Internet telephone calls.

    ECONOMIST: Word of mouse

  • One of Mr Kiriyenko's opening gambits has been to set up a telephone hotline (Moscow 201 8603) for disgruntled Muscovites who want to dish dirt on Mr Luzhkov's notoriously murky administration.

    ECONOMIST: Russia’s hot and dirty politics

  • For example, many employees may be required to pay for personal telephone calls (or personal calls over a set dollar amount) on a company-issued cellphone — and the protocol is that you typically circle such charges on your monthly bill and remit the expense to your firm.

    FORBES: Goldman Sachs Employee Fired, Fined, and Suspended For Personal Credit Card Expenses

  • The FCC is set to rule Thursday on whether Internet telephone providers should have to automatically link customers to emergency 911 service.

    FORBES: FCC Chief Martin Set To Tackle VoIP 911 Access

  • It was not he who set up Olivetti's vastly successful mobile-telephone business, Omnitel Pronto Italia, but his predecessor.

    ECONOMIST: Meet the mechanic

  • Tobin allegedly gave this fellow the telephone number of another perpetrator, who then made the contact to set up the jamming.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In fact, last night, we were singing a song on the telephone together because she's done a collection of songs that are set to Yeats poems.

    NPR: Carly Simon's 'Never Been Gone'

  • Sadly, the set-up for this case was an interesting one — many online customers complain about telephone and computer problems that result in unintended orders or fail to process orders that were supposedly transmitted for execution.

    FORBES: E*Trade Customer Seeks Damages for Failed Phone Transaction

  • They've set free the coolest technology from behind the locked lab doors at IBM, Xerox and the telephone companies and aft of the machine-gun-equipped guards at America's defense contractors, all of whom had reasons of their own--perfectly valid at the time--to keep the cool stuff from seeing the light of day.

    FORBES: Digital Rules

  • They have set up protection rackets against the utilities companies by cutting power lines, damaging water pipes, destroying cellular telephone antennas and breaking into businesses, and then offering their "security services" to the firms and owners they have robbed in exchange for promises not to rob again.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The rule of lawyers

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