• Its near-spherical wheels spin on some complicated gimbal system, allowing it to hang a sharp left without describing anything as tedious as a curve.

    NEWYORKER: Batman’s Bane

  • Each episode of the show has twists, but sometimes a twisty road can make for a more tedious trip than a straight one.

    NEWYORKER: Northwest Noir

  • There's no denying this: Tracking what you paid for each share of a stock or mutual fund--so you can calculate your taxable gain when you sell--is so tedious that a lot of folks just guess.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The man paid in cold hard cash, and after a tedious 40 minute purchase process that involved a bit of activation, some nice tutorials, a quick address book sideload from his old Touch Diamond and whole lot of peripheral upsell, Alfredo was one of the world's first satisfied Pre customers.

    ENGADGET: Palm Pre goes on sale to a select, drenched few

  • Like the Kobo, the Story HD can also zoom in and pan PDFs -- the process is a little tedious, but it's a handy feature nonetheless.

    ENGADGET: iRiver Story HD review

  • It's a tedious job--reading information off scanned-in images of forms then punching it into a database running on a mainframe computer.

    FORBES: The human factor

  • Big firms worry that if they were left with audit alone, which for most people is a tedious task, their ability to recruit talented staff would evaporate—and they might as well hand the job to a government agency.

    ECONOMIST: “Errors of judgment” are piling up at Andersen

  • Sarcasm and disdain may work in a 500-word opinion piece in a newspaper but they become tedious over 500 pages of a book.

    ECONOMIST: Terrorism

  • Monitoring Internet traffic is a tedious and time-consuming affair that will only become more difficult as the volume increases.

    ECONOMIST: China and the Internet

  • An intensive three-year academic course may be just the ticket for one person, but a tedious waste of time for another.

    ECONOMIST: Universities

  • But this is a tedious process, and one not likely to succeed.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Although Mr Portillo has never embellished his original confession, he has woven this part of his biography into a tedious narrative of personal self-discovery.

    ECONOMIST: He who hesitates laughs last?

  • For years biologists made DNA in a tedious process that involved copying thousands of DNA molecules and checking them for errors by putting them back into cells.

    FORBES: Drew Endy aims to reinvent the biotechnology industry.

  • But most of those caviling for the budget to be balanced on the backs of our troops are not interested in such a tedious and time-consuming exercise.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Forgetting about the 'Saviors of Our Country'

  • While a tedious and mind-numbing exercise, in the end it may be financially beneficial to tally up all of those numerous invoices, expense reports and receipts and go with the conventional method.

    FORBES: Claiming A Home Office Deduction? It's Much Easier This Year, Here's How

  • Until now, researchers wishing to do that have been forced to play a tedious game of pick-up-sticks, selecting the semiconducting nanotubes one by one and then sticking them in place with glue.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • It follows a tedious ritual.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

  • Ms Noonan sometimes tries to be over-inventive (there is a rather tedious dream sequence about Hollywood fund-raisers).

    ECONOMIST: Washington, Babylon?

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