• Those words buried deep in the Leveson Report seem to summarise the judge's view.

    BBC: Leveson Report: What next for PM?

  • Mr Hilton seems less willing to generalise, summarise, or prioritise, more keen to pack in the detail.

    ECONOMIST: Art history

  • Some, such as Morningstar in America, summarise past performance in star ratings, as if managers were restaurants.

    ECONOMIST: Fund management

  • In the appeal court last week, Lord Justice Ward attempted to summarise the case from a religious viewpoint.

    BBC: Judging a moral minefield

  • In attempting to summarise the century in a page, the introduction only highlights that this cannot be done.

    ECONOMIST: Encapsulating a century in gadgets

  • Documents seen by Inside Out summarise inspection reports from homes across the UK which list a series of concerns.

    BBC: Southern Cross sign

  • Elections, to summarise this calculation, are fought not between competing answers to the same question but rather between competing questions.

    ECONOMIST: Gordon Brown's latest relaunch

  • With Twitter becoming more and more popular, there's now a drive to succinctly summarise a hot topic with the perfect hashtag.

    BBC: The art of the pithy hashtag

  • Apart from its pervasive, outrageous humour, the novel is hard to summarise.

    ECONOMIST: France��s literary sensation

  • The power of British judges to summarise evidence to juries, virtually directing verdicts in some cases, would seem outrageous to many Americans.

    ECONOMIST: And justice for au pairs

  • An ambitious project aims to track down all the 4, 000 to 5, 000 surviving letters, catalogue and summarise them online and, where possible, include scans.

    BBC: Search for Alfred Russel Wallace's 19th Century letters

  • The form is used to summarise the performance of public companies.

    BBC: Apple paid only 2% corporation tax outside US

  • According to its website, Wavii claims that the basic idea behind its service is to summarise everything that users care about into a customised news feed on the lines of a Facebook wall.

    BBC: Google acquires news stream service Wavii

  • Elliot no longer felt anything, and although he could summarise the choices available in a given situation as well as anyone else, without his emotions to guide him he could not actually make a choice.

    ECONOMIST: Emotion is essential to human survival

  • To summarise: the upheaval for almost the entire British banking industry would be immense, if retail banking is defined narrowly, and would be restricted to Barclays and RBS (and to an extent HSBC), if retail banking is defined broadly.

    BBC: The big question about a ring-fenced retail bank

  • Messrs Johnson and Kwak deftly summarise this history before moving on to their description of how modern Wall Street the most powerful and concentrated financial sector in the country's history both created the financial crisis and ensured a bail-out for its own benefit.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis and the future of regulation

  • But I'm aiming at something rather simpler here - to try and summarise for my own understanding what it is that makes the majority of the British tick, warts and all, and how this compares with the state of affairs in other countries, like Germany, for example.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | Letter: Europe's stereotypes need rethinking

  • Now there's a sequence to it but it all has to happen, in effect if I can summarise it, you have to have an end to violence before you can begin negotiations but you have to have negotiations in a political context in order to maintain a cessation of violence.

    BBC: News Online

  • With the help of my colleagues who didn't miss a word, I'll try and summarise as best I can some often complex exchanges - but the upshot is that one of the key aspects of the Bill which has dogged it from the very first may now have to be rewritten before it's brought back to the Assembly for a vote.

    BBC: Real life and law making collide

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