• Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, Chemical Financial is a diversified financial services company, which operates through a single subsidiary bank, Chemical Bank.

    FORBES: Chemical Financial Kicks Out Fat Dividend, Fights Like Wolverine To New Highs

  • So raise your hand if you knew that the United States has been extending billions of dollars in aid to Qaddafi and to the Central Bank of Libya, through a Libyan-owned subsidiary bank operating out of Bahrain.

    FORBES: Why is the US Bailing Out Qaddafi?

  • Credit Agricole said the increase was largely due to it having sold its Greek subsidiary Emporiki Bank.

    BBC: Societe Generale mulls hundreds of job cuts

  • Last year Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ, operating through the 100 percent subsidiary Union Bank of California, captured 13 percent of this business, placing it in first place.

    FORBES: Financial Institution Shorts

  • This model can be applied to any number of products: recently, Frictionless teamed up with Wingspanbank.com, an online banking subsidiary of Bank One, to help consumers choose mutual funds.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of e-commerce

  • NewAlliance Bancshares is the bank holding company of its wholly owned subsidiary, NewAlliance Bank.

    FORBES: Five Mini-TARP Banks

  • One of the reasons Mr Straw commissioned the Edwards report is that Jersey's regulatory system has recently attracted criticism from a group of international investors who lost money in an investment fraud, discovered in late 1993, involving the Jersey arm of Bank Cantrade, a subsidiary of the Union Bank of Switzerland.

    ECONOMIST: Offshore financial centres

  • Meanwhile, in further signs of nervousness about the Greek economic situation, French bank Credit Agricole has taken control of assets owned by its Greek subsidiary, Emporiki Bank.

    BBC: Retailer Carrefour to sell stake in Greek joint venture

  • The firm said Thursday it will apply to become a bank holding company and convert its banking subsidiary, Raymond James Bank, from a thrift into a commercial bank.

    FORBES: Get Briefed On: Tom James

  • However, customers of the Ulster Bank subsidiary witnessed the fallout affecting their accounts for even longer.

    BBC: RBS computer failure needs clear redress, says MP

  • Firms such as Mellon Capital Management, a subsidiary of Mellon Bank, claim to utilize no Wall Street research.

    FORBES: Money Manager Use of Tainted Wall Street Research (Oct 1, 2002 )

  • Banco Santander's U.S. subsidiary, Sovereign Bank, for instance, represented 6% of Santander's profit in the year ended Dec. 31.

    WSJ: European Banks Reluctant to Give Up U.S. Operations

  • London-based Newton, a global investment management subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, also has offices in Edinburgh, Leeds and New York.

    BBC: Standard Life buys Newton's wealth business

  • Now, with the blessing of federal regulators, GM can get financing via its own bank subsidiary at half the cost of what it would pay investors to take bonds off its hands.


  • He says he proposed several steps the government could have taken to save Lehman from bankruptcy, including being allowed to convert to a bank holding company, granting it an exemption so its Utah bank subsidiary could raise deposits, and imposing a ban on naked short selling.

    FORBES: Fuld Hits Fed And Fed Hits Back

  • But there's a catch: the RBS bid depends on LaSalle Bank , the American subsidiary that's just been promised to Bank of America, staying within ABN Amro.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But there's a catch: the RBS bid depends on LaSalle Bank , the American subsidiary that's just been promised to Bank of America (nyse: BAC - news - people ), staying within ABN Amro (nyse: ABN - news - people ).

    FORBES: RBS Offers Some Cash But Wants LaSalle

  • On Friday, the Dutch Supreme Court announced its long-awaited ruling on the sale of LaSalle Bank, the U.S. subsidiary of ABN Amro, to Bank of America, saying the transaction did not require shareholder approval and could go ahead.

    FORBES: Barclays Wins A Round In ABN Battle

  • First, what will be the marketplace impact of a guilty plea by a subsidiary of an American bank?

    FORBES: The LIBOR Scandal: Prosecutors Have a New Plan

  • Analysts suggest the likeliest outcome is a merger between Southern Life and Momentum Life, a subsidiary of Rand Merchant Bank.

    ECONOMIST: Demutualisation

  • The Insurance services segment covers life, medical, motor, marine, property and credit insurance products and services, and Islamic banking segment provides Islamic banking solutions through its subsidiary, BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK SAL (BDB).

    FORBES: Blom Bank

  • Thus did the fortunate Mr Hall find his champion, and the First Horizon Home Loan Corporation, a subsidiary of First Tennessee Bank, find itself charged under New York law with unlawful collection and deceptive business practices.

    ECONOMIST: Banking regulation: Hall of fame | The

  • Its Union Bank of California subsidiary is the largest overseas franchise of any Japanese financial institution.

    FORBES: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group -- A Megabank Window on Japan's Economy (1)

  • Azurix and Blue Ridge Investments a Bank of America subsidiary that bought CMS Energy's claim are trying to turn up the heat.

    ECONOMIST: Foreign-investment disputes

  • It is understood that Casino and BNDESPar (a subsidiary of the Brazilian Development Bank) would also have a stake in the business.

    FORBES: The Saga Continues: Carrefour Possibly Merging in Brazil

  • The suit, filed this morning in the Southern District Court of New York, says the bank and its subsidiary MortgageIT lied about the quality of its mortgages and lending practices so it could take advantage of a government program that provided insurance against the mortgages.

    FORBES: Connect

  • He has also cheered on some Smallholders' dislike of the central bank's eminently solid governor, Gyorgy Suranyi, ostensibly for his alleged shortcomings in investigating losses at the bank's commercial subsidiary in Vienna.

    ECONOMIST: Hungary

  • UBS's Warburg Dillion Read subsidiary has been regarded as one of the more successful bank-owned investment banks, not least because its pre-merger parent, Swiss Bank, was ruthless about organisational change and was also willing to put the subsidiary in charge of all corporate lending.

    ECONOMIST: The trials of megabanks

  • Some 13, 500 borrowers with mortgages from Bank of Ireland and its subsidiary Bristol and West will see their rates almost double.

    BBC: Bank of Ireland makes 1.8bn-euro loss in 2012

  • The Cassa di Risparmio kept its cross-border contacts during the cold war, says Roberto Verginella, the bank's chairman, and it was encouraged by the Croatian central bank to open the Zagreb subsidiary.

    ECONOMIST: Borderline banking

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