• Before the subprime mortgage market collapsed, some top executives of mortgage and finance companies made a killing.

    NPR: Lawmakers Grill Subprime Execs on Pay

  • The bank said the funds had lost a lot of money by investing in the U.S. subprime mortgage market.

    NPR: Financial Markets Tumble Amid Credit Crunch

  • The problems began in the subprime mortgage market and they've been magnified by the way Wall Street packaged those loans.

    NPR: Banks Pay the Price for Risky Mortgage Bets

  • That involved more than 100 regulatory initiatives to force banks to abandon their traditional lending standards and create the subprime mortgage market.

    FORBES: President Obama Offers A Repeat Of His Same Failed Policies

  • That is how the subprime mortgage market exploded from 5% of all mortgages in 1994 to half of all mortgages by 2007.

    FORBES: The Worst Five Years Since the Great Depression

  • The creeping way in which losses in the subprime mortgage market have emerged had made banks wary of extending credit to each other.

    ECONOMIST: The Fed lowers its discount rate

  • Here are a few choice quotes from a speech he gave on May 17, 2007 that was titled The Subprime Mortgage Market.

    FORBES: Ben Bernanke: The Manny Ramirez Of Monetary Policy

  • As the real estate market roared, FHA lending dropped to historic lows, only to rev back up once the subprime mortgage market bottomed out.

    FORBES: Mayor Bloomberg Rezones the Mortgage Crisis

  • Just as the germ carried from America's subprime mortgage market is now infecting money markets elsewhere, so the housing downturn itself could spread globally.

    ECONOMIST: The global economy

  • Home foreclosures are also up as the subprime mortgage market continues to founder, with 223, 000 reported last month versus fewer than 140, 000 in February 2007.

    CNN: Paulson upbeat despite economy woes

  • The hearings come amid a imploding subprime mortgage market, scandalous corroboration between student lenders and university officials, and allegations of unfair practices by credit card companies.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • For example, Chris Hayes points out, Ben Bernanke spent the duration of the housing bubble denying that there was anything amiss in the subprime mortgage market.

    FORBES: Social Distance and the Patent System

  • Obama said he wrote a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warning them about the dangers of the subprime mortgage market.

    NPR: Ferreting Out Fibs In The Second Debate

  • The continent's major indexes were down an average 1.5% in Thursday morning trading, dragged down by financials as worries about hedge fund exposure to America's subprime mortgage market resurfaced.

    FORBES: Europe Takes Another Subprime Hit

  • Although the turmoil in the subprime mortgage market has created severe financial problems for many individuals and families, the implications of these developments for the housing market as a whole are less clear.

    NPR: Bernanke: U.S. Growth 'Moderate' as Inflation Rises

  • The Federal Reserve, lagging other central banks, pumped in extra money and then cut its discount rate to prevent a seizure of the financial system in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage market debacle.

    FORBES: Unindicted Blunderer

  • Headlines blamed woes in the subprime mortgage market.

    FORBES: Market Turbulence Or Deeper Ills?

  • The virtual shutdown of the subprime mortgage market and a widening of spreads on jumbo mortgage loans have further reduced the demand for housing, while foreclosures are adding to the already-elevated inventory of unsold homes.

    NPR: Economic Swoon to Continue, Bernanke Says

  • But Paulson and other banking regulators sat tight until the subprime mortgage market imploded in the summer, bringing down with it a few hedge funds and, more significant, putting a virtual freeze on the fixed-income markets.

    FORBES: A Subprime Solution

  • Paulson defended last week's decision by the Treasury to bail out Bear Stearns, an investment bank heavily invested in the subprime mortgage market, but would not say what might have happened had the government failed to step in.

    CNN: Paulson upbeat despite economy woes

  • As a result of this deterioration in loan performance, investors have increased their scrutiny of the credit quality of securitized mortgages, and lenders in turn are evidently tightening the terms and standards applied in the subprime mortgage market.

    NPR: Bernanke: U.S. Growth 'Moderate' as Inflation Rises

  • The latest speculation to circulate through the European market is that German state bank WestLB, which is already facing difficulties in the wake of a trading scandal, is also in serious trouble because of its exposure to America's subprime mortgage market.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And it's really pretty emotional as far as we can tell, which is lenders of other kinds of financial instruments - corporate loans, other kinds of loans, begin to look over their shoulder and say, oh, gee, did we do any of the strange things that the subprime mortgage market did.

    NPR: What Fed's Comments Mean for the Housing Crisis

  • Just as the trouble in America's housing market is a drag on the economy, the turmoil in the subprime-mortgage market weighs on the currency.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • After all, hedge-fund investor John Paulson, now legendary for shorting the subprime-mortgage market and for betting on gold, remains a big gold bull.

    WSJ: Common Sense: Is the Commodities Bull Market Over?

  • But America's growth prospects are not so poor and the subprime-mortgage market not so woeful at least, not yet that they can fully explain the dollar's recent sickliness.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • What started in the subprime mortgage bond market earlier this year is filtering into the broader credit markets, but the nervousness is less a sign of deteriorating credit quality--defaults are at historic lows of 0.3%, according to Coffey--and more an oversupply issue.

    FORBES: Crunch Time

  • At the heart of the trouble here is the housing market's subprime mortgage debacle.

    NPR: Housing Market Problems Lead to Job Cuts

  • The debasement of lending standards for the subprime market soon spread throughout the mortgage markets.

    FORBES: Media Parrot Obama Financial Crisis Campaign Propaganda

  • WaMu has scrambled in the last few years to reduce its exposure to the mortgage market, and to subprime mortgages more specifically.

    FORBES: WaMu And Friends

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