• In a full-scale tokamak this heat would be tapped to boil water, which would then drive steam turbines to generate electricity.

    ECONOMIST: How to get an energy rush without doughnuts

  • After all, it spawned George and Robert Stephenson's railway engines, Joseph Swan's electric light bulbs, and Sir Charles Parson's steam turbines and electricity generators.

    ECONOMIST: The north-east's propensity for high-technology

  • Gas turbines, steam turbines, nuclear power plants, high-speed trains, these are the areas he believes Hitachi can still be a world beater, especially in the developing world.

    BBC: What happened to Japan's electronic giants?

  • To keep turbine sales spinning, Immelt has turned to a process that partially burns pulverized coal in the presence of pure oxygen to turn it into a flammable gas that can drive linked gas and steam turbines.

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  • Modular nuclear reactors take uranium, or in some cases thorium, and produce steam for turbines via heat generated in fission reactions.

    FORBES: Mini-Nukes Back From Grave As Fluor Invests In NuScale Power

  • The steam turns turbines, which in turn drive electric generators.

    BBC: Will Japanese crisis curb the rise of nuclear power?

  • There are many nontrivial ancillary challenges too, especially the secondary procedure of actually getting the energy out of the reactor into a useful form, i.e. heat to drive steam-turbines as with all other kinds of thermal power stations, to generate electricity.

    FORBES: U.K. And U.S. Join Forces on Laser-Fusion Energy

  • The biomass power station would burn rubbish, animal manure, woodchips, seaweed, corn stalks and other wastes, to heat water to create steam to turn turbines to produce around 300 megawatts of electricity.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | North West Wales | Power station 'deal to save jobs'

  • Similarly, solar thermal energy--which harnesses the heat of the sun to generate steam-powered turbines--consumes more than 2, 600 liters of water per megawatt hour, 200 liters more than coal-powered generation needs to produce the same energy.

    FORBES: The Water-Industrial Complex

  • In addition to driving the turbines to create electricity, the steam generators are "one of the barriers between the radioactive material in the reactor core and ultimately the external environment, " Jaczko noted.


  • The heat produces steam in a separate loop that drives the plant's turbines and generators.


  • Another is that, until turbines are built to withstand 3, 000-degree steam, a fair amount of the fuel's energy is wasted.

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  • Combined-cycle gas turbines, which use hot exhaust gases from one turbine to generate steam to turn a second one, can transform 6, 800 Btu of gas into a kilowatt-hour of electricity, enough to light one lightbulb for ten hours.

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