• The pictures illustrate neatly the particular specialism of using radar to sense the planet's surface.

    BBC: German TanDEM-X satellite returns first images

  • The film's villain is a murderous English officer, with a sub-specialism in infanticide.

    ECONOMIST: Hollywood on Britain

  • These behemoths are buying specialist firms in areas such as technology and health care, thus expanding their size and reach by both specialism and geography.

    ECONOMIST: Consulting bounces back

  • Mr Roach said the company's success had been driven by its specialism in lightweight materials and many of the new jobs would be created in high-tech manufacturing roles.

    BBC: Penso engineering firm plans 'to create 100 jobs'

  • Of these almost as many chose their specialism because they were weak in it and wanted to improve as chose it because they were strong in it.

    ECONOMIST: What they mean when they say

  • There were so few in existence, from the era before the Mary Rose, you realise these were extremely powerful weapons and required great strength and specialism to use them.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Magazine | Just what did the Mary Rose tell us?

  • The government's data page for each school provides further information on whether it is a girls', boys' or mixed school, its funding and governance arrangements and any subject specialism.

    BBC: Guide: Secondary league tables

  • At any one time, according to this report of an interview, Whyte's investment portfolio comprises 20 to 25 companies, drawing on his specialism of turning them around when they're struggling.

    BBC: Standing up for the Old Firm

  • In emerging markets it is hard for companies to stick to one specialism, because they have to worry about so many wider problems, from lousy infrastructure to unreliable supply chains.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • Several other measures are geared towards boosting the number of academies, for example the dropping of the requirement for academies to have a subject specialism and the extension of the programme to sixth form colleges.

    BBC: Schools Bill: Who's taking charge?

  • On the other hand it is encouraging schools to develop a specialism (eg, technology or music) and is allowing such schools to select up to 10% of their intake by aptitude for the specialist subject.

    ECONOMIST: Education: Going for grammars | The

  • She said schools with humanities as a specialism had the option to focus on the teaching and learning of classical studies - Latin, Classical Greek and classical civilisation - alongside a core option of history, geography or English.


  • Combined with other exams, this test helps determine the geographical region students will work in for the duration of their foundation programme - a two-year training course which forms the bridge between medical school and training for a specialism.

    BBC: Junior doctor

  • Specialist schools may select just a tenth of their pupils according to aptitude (and then only if their specialism is non-academic, such as sports or technology), which is lucky for weedy children who live near sports-specialist schools, but does rather stop the schools from specialising.

    ECONOMIST: What they mean when they say

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