• But the Hebron oil field is believed to extend southward into U.S. waters with its billion-barrel potential.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • As the rebels moved southward toward Bamako, such reports prompted an international response, led by the French.

    CNN: France continues Mali airstrikes; residents frantic

  • Southward, Putin invaded Georgia, annexing 20 percent of its territory in the two enclaves of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

    FORBES: Putin Isn't "Gaining Ground" Regardless of what Amir Taheri Says

  • At the beginning of this year, Abou Zeid joined other Islamist forces making a push southward toward the capital Bamako.


  • The BJP had pointed to success in Tamil Nadu's neighbour Karnataka in 2008 as evidence that it could branch out southward.

    ECONOMIST: India's state politics

  • But the southward advance of the rebel and Islamist forces and the precipitate collapse of the Malian army changed all this.

    BBC: Can France achieve its goals in Mali?

  • They not only introduced alien customs and Sanskrit, but also drove most of the north's original and largely docile tribal inhabitants southward.

    CNN: Center Cut

  • The rain could lead to secondary crests and higher crests along the Mississippi from Memphis, Tennessee, southward, CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

    CNN: Mississippi governor urges caution as river crests

  • Three Cumbria County councillors, David Southward, Frank Morgan and Wendy Skillicorn, called-in the decision, meaning the cabinet wished to examine the original rejection.

    BBC: Cumbria Nuclear waste store rejection upheld

  • But more than aid, Mexico wants the Americans to crack down on drug consumption, as well as the movement of guns and money southward.

    ECONOMIST: Mexico and the United States

  • Police tried to stop them at several points, waylaying some of the cars and arresting several leaders, but the convoy continued southward, Qureshi said by phone.

    NPR: Bhutto: Pakistan Power Sharing Now Not Likely

  • Late this summer, Penney got rid of its month-long sales offering—part of a three-tier strategy along with lower across-the-board pricing and periodic clearances—but sales continued southward.

    FORBES: Will JC Penney Shoppers Accompany The Retailer To The Finish Line?

  • When the extremists began advancing southward in early 2013, Hollande unilaterally authorized a military intervention which quickly pushed the Islamic extremists from the main cities in Mali's north.

    NPR: Islamic Extremists Attack Timbuktu In North Mali

  • It is not about to renovate northern roads and railways if there is the slightest risk that they might be used to speed tanks and troop trains southward.

    CNN: From Foe To Friend?

  • To meet the demands of farmers and the growing population of the south-western states, ambitious and hugely controversial schemes have long been floated for diverting Canadian rivers southward.

    ECONOMIST: Canada’s water: Hands off | The

  • In May, Enbridge, a Canadian company, reversed the flow of a big North American oil pipeline, sending a glut of oil from America's northern plains southward to coastal refineries.

    ECONOMIST: Petrol prices

  • Within a few days, services swing round the brilliant blue waters of Lake Baikal, before plunging southward into the gently sloping grasslands of the Mongolian steppe, dotted with yurts and grazing horses.

    BBC: Five unforgettable rail journeys

  • The disease has spread from eastern China both northward and southward, leading to the closure of a growing number of markets where live chicken is sold as a preventative measure.

    FORBES: China H7N9 Bird Flu Cases Rise By Five; Four Provinces Report Illnesses In One Day

  • The resistance forces (both those of the Khmer Rouge and those of the non-communist elements) have recently made significant gains in northwestern Cambodia and seek to expand eastward and southward.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Giving Peace A Chance In Cambodia: A Primer For US Policy

  • Laura Hipp, spokeswoman Barbour's office, confirmed that a house owned by the governor in his native Yazoo County was flooded by the watery onslaught moving southward down the Mississippi River.


  • The Islamists' movement southward has raised concerns among leaders in West Africa and elsewhere, some of them calling for swift and decisive military intervention to aid Mali's government, based in Bamako.


  • And since the North's economy is just biding time before it collapses or is absorbed southward, the bonding between Beijing and Seoul makes Korean reunification a more likely, if still faraway, prospect.


  • The Gulf of Guinea, which follows the continent's southward curve from Liberia past Nigeria to Gabon, has seen an escalation in violent pirate attacks from low-level armed robberies to hijackings and cargo thefts.

    NPR: Fuel Tanker Reportedly Hijacked Off Nigeria Coast

  • On my first trip to Morocco, in the early '70s, after renting a car in Tangiers, we drove southward—hundreds of miles through Fez, over the Atlas Mountains and eventually deep into the Sahara.

    WSJ: Magic-Carpet-Ride Chermoula

  • And the Islamists' movement southward has raised concerns among leaders in West Africa and elsewhere, some of them calling for swift and decisive military intervention in support of Mali's government, based in Bamako.


  • The administration has stepped up security co-operation with Mexico, deploying drones and American agents south of the border and allowing Mexican police to use American territory as a launch pad for surprise raids southward.

    ECONOMIST: The United States and Latin America

  • For instance, Miami is the hub for flights to most destinations in South America and the Caribbean, meaning that a majority of Americans flying southward internationally pass through Miami's airport instead of, say, either Houston or Atlanta.

    CNN: Lower airfares -- how to get them

  • Fleming said the decision to open the spillway, along with similar decisions made in recent weeks as the floodwaters moved southward, was done to address a historic excess of water in the Mississippi River and its tributaries.


  • "The Secretary-General welcomes that bilateral partners are responding, at the request and with the consent of the government of Mali, to its call for assistance to counter the troubling push southward by armed and terrorist groups, " his office said in a statement.

    BBC: Mali conflict: UN backs France's military intervention

  • In addition to creating the sill, officials are planning to take 2.5 million gallons of fresh water from farther north in the river -- past mile marker 100 -- then carry it by barge southward "and suck it into our water treatment facilities, " Laigast said.

    CNN: Salt creeping up the Mississippi River

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