• And he's remade Dell's product line with slicker designs and more of the laptops consumers crave.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The slicker the letter-writers grew, the more congressmen were inclined to dismiss their work as artificial.

    ECONOMIST: www.democracy.com

  • BlackBerry World, the marketplace from which apps can be downloaded, looks slicker and runs faster than previous iterations.

    WSJ: Q10 Review: The BlackBerry of BlackBerry Users' Dreams

  • He took some food and a change of clothes rolled up in some blankets and covered with a slicker.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'True Grit'

  • In a burlesque twist, Toby Graham, staunch Tory and city slicker found himself with Clare Short as a mother.

    BBC: Clare Short

  • We're hoping that Samsung will either release a slicker version or we'll be seeing something from a third-party manufacturer.

    ENGADGET: Samsung ATIV Smart PC dock hands-on Hands-on

  • And while Microsoft and Google battle it out, venture capital-backed start-ups are pouring resources into creating ever slicker online applications.

    FORBES: Office Killers

  • Note he did not stride into a conference of unionists and act like a London City slicker by treating them with contempt.

    FORBES: Money, Economy, Statistics

  • And while Vista comes with slicker graphics built in, it's also more demanding than XP and needs more horsepower to run smoothly.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It doesn't have the big names attached to it like Firefox OS and Tizen, but it feels a lot slicker to us.


  • My jeans are sopping wet from a leak in my rain slicker, and my legs are sore--but not as bad as before.

    FORBES: Hi-Ho, Nell

  • Its new operating system, iOS 6, is slicker than slugs on ice.

    FORBES: Links 14 Sept: iPhone 5, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Or All Rather Ho Hum?

  • Slicker brush: These flat brushes typically feature fine, stainless steel bristles that help remove dead hair, mats and tangles from a pet's coat.

    CNN: Pet grooming tools for a less hairy summer

  • For the moment, ranchers and city-slicker computer wizards both find themselves under the Republican label, united by a common disdain for taxes and regulation.

    ECONOMIST: A new Republican heartland

  • No details on this one, but we'd assume it'll be a slicker, higher-spec follow-on to the original Eternity from way back in '08.

    ENGADGET: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Samsung Eternity II hitting AT&T in the coming weeks?

  • We have to be slicker, faster and better to be ahead.

    FORBES: Three Things To Remember When Onboarding Into A Smaller Organization

  • "Unless they canceled court, I had to be here, " said Davis, who was wearing a hooded slicker over his suit to shield himself from gobs of snow blown from trees.

    NPR: Storm Strikes Mid-Atlantic; 250K Lose Power

  • Mr Gerbeau, who replaced chief executive Jennie Page 10 days ago, has acted quickly to streamline the management structure at the Dome in a bid to make the operation slicker and more cohesive.

    BBC: Dome ops director quits

  • But I have to tell you: I know I have never looked cooler or felt slicker while wearing a pair of white-yellow cotton pants than I did yesterday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    FORBES: My Ethical Dilemma

  • It was a shot that never looked like going in but it outlined the danger and growing confidence of a bubbly Torquay side, whose passing and movement was slicker and quicker than their Burton counterparts.

    BBC: Torquay 2-1 Burton

  • "In my case, slicker, brighter, safer and more informative branches would be a nice thing to have, but I am not sure they would draw me in beyond curiosity nor would I want to pay for them, " he says.

    BBC: Do bank branches just need a makeover?

  • Similarly, transport Joe DiMaggio a few decades into the future and his record 56-game hitting streak would have to be accomplished pitted against better defenses, fresh relief pitchers at the end of games, harder fastballs, slicker sliders and increased baseball knowledge.

    CNN: Kobe's right: The Dream Team would lose

  • Together with Theodore (Ted) Levitt, Kotler was responsible for lifting marketing out of the disrepute in which it had once been held, changing it from being the slicker part of sales to being a recognised strategic function in its own right.


  • Convertible pieces have been a trademark of sorts for the designer: In the past, he's devised a reversible satin-lapelled tuxedo that's also a navy suit, and among next spring's offerings is a linen blazer whose other side is a nylon rain slicker.

    WSJ: 'Transformer' Men's Outerwear: Action Figures

  • In the year to come, security professionals are warning of bank code-stealing exploits that are much slicker and more convincing--hidden in guises as harmless as a banner ad on a reputable Web site or a message from a friend on a social network.

    FORBES: Future Phishing

  • These guys were -- these guys -- first of all, they weren't plants, as far as I know -- unless the mayor is a lot slicker than I think. (Laughter.) But these guys did point out that it was JTPA funds -- job training funds that the federal government and the state and local all work together to make sure that people have access to funds.

    WHITEHOUSE: "White House to Main Street" Town Hall: Elyria, OH

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