• The first myth to be debunked is that Pompeii was a sister city to Sodom and Gommorah.

    ECONOMIST: Archaeology

  • Milan, Venice and Lansing, Michigan have suspended their sister city status with St Petersburg, while Los Angeles and Melbourne are considering following suit.

    BBC: Living in: St Petersburg

  • Columbus' sister city across the border, Puerto Palomas, became known for narco-violence in 2009 when the mayor, Estanislao Garcia, was kidnapped and executed.

    CNN: On the border: Guns, drugs -- and a betrayal of trust

  • The suspects split up the driving, ending up in Rio's sister city of Niteroi across Guanabara Bay, where they went on a spending spree with the foreigners' credit cards.

    NPR: Rape, Kidnap Of Tourists Feed Rio Safety Fears

  • Paul and its sister city, Minneapolis.

    NPR: McCain Walks Fine Line With Bush Legacy

  • China reportedly threatened Melbourne's mayor with ending a sister-city relationship with Tianjin.

    ECONOMIST: Australia and China

  • Given the mayor's admiration for Paris, a sister-city of Chicago, and his penchant for borrowing ideas from the French, such grand projects are perhaps not surprising.

    ECONOMIST: The Daley dynasty

  • For Morocco, their absence was a small victory in a long campaign to take over the 12 square kilometres of Melilla and its 65, 000 people, along with its sister-city of Ceuta, which is just a shade bigger in size and population.

    ECONOMIST: Spain in North Africa

  • After visiting her older sister in New York City, she dropped out of high school to pursue music in the Big Apple, playing often and at every place that would give her a stage.

    NPR: Holly Miranda On World Cafe

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico's biggest city, "is the sexy younger sister of New York, " says Sotirios Kotoulas, a Canadian-born New York architect and professor at the University of Puerto Rico.

    CNN: Hot new things to do in Puerto Rico

  • Charles Robb, 73, and his sister Mary, 85, were found slumped inside the ground floor flat in Aberdeen city centre.

    BBC: Fire engine

  • As a survival measure, the city's Express and Echo went weekly in September, following its sister paper in Torbay, after circulation dipped to 16.586.

    BBC: Tale of regional papers: Plymouth titles 'stay daily'

  • The label Christopher Kane is really a double act of Christopher, the youngest of five children born near Motherwell, a Scottish city very far from the heathery image of the Highlands, and his sister Tammy Kane.

    FORBES: The Hot Tone At London Fashion Week? It's The Color Of Money

  • Papers such as El Financiero, a Mexico city business daily, and El Norte, a Monterrey paper (and later its metropolitan sister, Reforma), succeeded in attracting enough private-sector advertising to win editorial independence.

    ECONOMIST: Mexico

  • Since my self-exile, I had lived in New York City, Washington DC, Dallas, and Philadelphia - but the light that emerged from my sister's death and dying showed me the way home to a place that looks and feels a lot like Mayberry.

    BBC: Is the ideal of small-town America a myth?

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