• There are now 400 Arabians at Janow, alluring and silken to the touch.

    ECONOMIST: Horses with wings

  • With its busy, silken editing, the movie chops back and forth between the various characters as they stumble toward their desires.

    NEWYORKER: Eat Drink Man Woman

  • Each is a man-killer, and each resides in jail, plotting her defense with the silken legal help of Billy Flynn (Richard Gere).

    NEWYORKER: Chicago

  • The heat of Mapo Tofu—large cubes of silken bean curd tossed with equally large hunks of pork shoulder—spreads like fire in your mouth and stays awhile.

    NEWYORKER: Mission Chinese Food

  • But the whole branzino, roasted with tomato and turmeric in a banana leaf, was as succulent as silken tofu, and perfect wrapped in warm moo-shu pancakes.

    NEWYORKER: Talde

  • Messiaen adds slithery harmonics to end phrases, as if a silken thread of light carries the song that connects the earthborn boulders and birds to a celestial afterworld.

    NPR: Messiaen At 100: A Song For The Solar System

  • And the Americans would be well-served to look beyond the silken invitations to Turkish formal events at five-star hotels and see what is actually happening in the sole Muslim NATO member-state.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Dreamy foreign policies

  • All luxury properties can offer seamless, silken service, exquisite amenities and spacious accommodations, but only one can offer unobstructed, up-close-and-personal front porch views of the Eiffel Tower with an added dose of Napoleonic splendor.

    FORBES: Why The Shangri-La Is The Best Luxury Hotel In Paris

  • Mr. SILKEN: You know, the one thing that I don't understand is why Rudy didn't campaign in Michigan, New Hampshire, Iowa unless he's going to be a spoiler just by trying to take Florida here.

    NPR: Reports from McCain, Romney, Giuliani Camps in Fla.

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