• Everyone rushes into them, so the price rises sharply and investors pat themselves on the back for their shrewdness.

    ECONOMIST: When diversification doesn’t work

  • The English-speaking Premier brings charm, shrewdness and a disarming sense of humor to the task of softening U.S. opinion on China.


  • While the world's best adventure racers tend to be in outstanding physical shape, it's their guile and shrewdness that win the race.

    FORBES: Hypothermia for Fun and Profit

  • Emerging unscathed was testimony to Mr Amato's shrewdness, intelligence and luck.

    ECONOMIST: Giuliano Amato, Italy’s agile stopgap

  • Wherever it goes, the faith retains a Middle Western flavour, with its mixture of social conservatism, philanthropy, worldly shrewdness and devotion to a core set of beliefs.

    ECONOMIST: The Mormon faith is spreading. But is it a world religion?

  • For all his volcanic impatience, the English-speaking Zhu will also bring charm, shrewdness and a disarming sense of humor to the task of softening U.S. opinion on China.

    CNN: Red star

  • During this time, she got pregnant and married—a sequence that was awkward in puritan Iran—had a lot of fun and with light-fingered shrewdness has written a book that helps explain why things have turned out as they have.

    ECONOMIST: Tehran memoir

  • It was intended to grow and be handed down from one generation to the next, largely protected from the taxman through the shrewdness of family strategists--and generous grandfather clauses that protect assets accumulating in offshore accounts set up years ago.

    FORBES: Pritzker vs Pritzker

  • His vision was tempered by shrewdness.

    ECONOMIST: Michael von Clemm

  • Evans's shrewdness and determination, along with his willingness to spend freely, secured him the site against competition from French, Italian and American archaeologists, in a scramble among the Great Powers for a treasure trove to rival Heinrich Schliemann's excavations at Troy and Mycenae on the mainland.

    ECONOMIST: Bullshot

  • As further evidence of Ergen's shrewdness, Merrill Lynch's Jayant notes that Ergen got away without having to adhere to the breakup clause that required him to buy Hughes' 81% stake in satellite wholesaler PanAmSat (nasdaq: SPOT - news - people ), in the event the deal didn't go through.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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