sex education 性教育

self education 性教育

  • To counter their vulnerability, Miss Chen advocates sex-education programmes that convey not just the mechanics, but also the emotional and social aspects of sex.

    ECONOMIST: China rediscovers the joy of sex

  • More inspiration comes from the Netherlands, where the rate of teenage pregnancy has dropped since sex-education classes were changed to let youngsters discuss the subject more openly.

    ECONOMIST: New plans to help the poorest of the poor

  • Private colleges are moving away from single-sex education as historically all-girls schools join forces with male counterparts or align themselves with bigger universities, according to Lisa Maatz, director of public policy and government relations for the American Association of University Women.

    CNN: Augusta National a powerful holdout among men-only clubs

  • The arguments against single-sex education come primarily from civil-rights and women's groups who oppose publicly-funded segregation on principle.

    ECONOMIST: An idea that may be worth trying

  • And where authorities formulate policies based on idealized human nature rather than real life, one cannot expect adequate measures to be adopted, whether in terms of general awareness-raising, safe-sex education, outreach to high-risk groups or needle-exchange programs.


  • Nathan Schaefer, the executive director of the Pride Agenda, praised Ms. Quinn's work advocating for same-sex marriage and sex education, as well as her support for a transgender non-discrimination law.

    WSJ: New York City Council Speaker Quinn Faces Resistance

  • In a survey of ex-pupils from girls' schools, the coalition says that a very high proportion believed that single-sex education had benefited them and given them greater confidence.

    BBC: Girls

  • Public schools are generally larger and don't offer single-sex or religious education.

    FORBES: Public Choice

  • Rosenbaum is concerned that abstinence-only sex education programs that promote virginity pledges may also promote a negative view of condoms and birth control.

    CNN: Virginity pledges don't mean much, study says

  • Mr Albert also stresses that the reasons why teenagers get pregnant and carry a baby to term are much more complicated than the content of sex education lessons - and notes that many young people take no notice of what they are taught at school.

    BBC: NEWS | Americas | Chastity pressed on US teens

  • K-12 education has seen a boost in single-sex schools since 2006, when the Bush administration relaxed regulations on how public schools could implement it.

    CNN: Augusta National a powerful holdout among men-only clubs

  • The real battles on same-sex marriage, abortion, education, spending, labor unions, and, yes, the Affordable Care Act are happening state by state.

    CNN: GOP has power where it counts: the states

  • In response, affirmative-action opponents developed an initiative to amend the Michigan Constitution to prohibit race- and sex-based discrimination or preferences in public education, employment and contracting.

    WSJ: Supreme Court to Hear Michigan Affirmative-Action Case

  • This is the first of two report stage days, with amendments grouped into several subjects - (a) sex education, (b) conscientious or other objection to marriage of same sex couples, (c) equality law, (d) religious organisations' opt-in to marriage of same sex couples, and (e) protection against compulsion to solemnize marriages of same sex couples or to carry out activities in relation to the solemnization of such marriages.

    BBC: Week ahead

  • Sex and relationship education is compulsory in state-funded secondary schools, but it is up to primary schools to decide if they want to teach it.

    BBC: Teachers attack ��rebranded�� sexism

  • The Democrats want the federal government to impose policies regarding drugs, same-sex marriage, abortion on demand, sex education in the public schools, free birth control, etc. on the entire nation.

    FORBES: It's Time To Bury The Republican Party And Start All Over

  • Controlling for income, as well as age, sex, education, family situation and even political-party affiliation, Hispanics were 16 percentage points more likely than non-Hispanics to say the government should do more to raise the living standards of the poor.

    WSJ: Arthur Brooks: The GOP's Hispanic Opening

  • In its 2011 School Climate report, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network found that same-sex couples were frequently not allowed to attend school dances together or were penalized for doing so, such as being ineligible for "couple discounts" on tickets.

    CNN: The damaging messages of proms

  • The report follows a drive by Dorset Police to help Boscombe street sex workers change their lives and target kerb crawlers through re-education and conviction.

    BBC: Bournemouth street sex workers 'need help'

  • The rights of parents to be provided with an education for their children which conforms with their "religious and philosophical convictions" could lead to disputes in areas such as sex education, suggested Ms Driver, "re-awakening the debate on Section 28".

    BBC: Fairer funding call for schools

  • AIDS, it should at least put in place better sex education (of which there is virtually none in Japan) and public-health warnings, rather than ban a safe and effective contraceptive.

    ECONOMIST: The pill in Japan

  • The discrepancy between both wanting to plan pregnancy and having unprotected sex may have something to do with a focus in recent years on abstinence-only education, said Laura Lindberg, senior research associate at the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute.

    CNN: Gaps found in young people's sex knowledge

  • On Monday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan also spoke of his unequivocal support for same-sex marriage.

    BBC: North Carolina approves constitutional ban on gay union

  • The Education Secretary, David Blunkett, said on Sunday that he would be speaking to the Office for Standards in Education about evaluating the effectiveness of single sex teaching of some subjects in co-educational schools.

    BBC: Single sex classes 'not the answer'

  • The Conservative education spokesman Lord James Douglas-Hamilton welcomed the move to allow same-sex couples to adopt jointly.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Scotland | MSPs vote for same-sex adoption

  • Groups such as the Family Research Council continue to advocate for abstinence-only education at the K-12 level, but the organization does not have an official stance on what sex education should happen beyond that, Sprigg said.

    CNN: Gaps found in young people's sex knowledge

  • Education Secretary Michael Gove has offered his support to the proposed legalisation of same-sex marriage but told the Mail on Sunday teachers would not be disciplined for refusing to promote it.

    BBC: Gay marriage: Tory chairmen call for delay on vote

  • Tory MP David Burrowes asked whether parents would be able to take their children out of RE, sex education and other classes in the curriculum where pupils were "taught about the value of same-sex marriage".

    BBC: Maria Miller

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