• She had also been sexually assaulted and died as a result of a severe head injury.

    BBC: Millie Martin accused Barry McCarney 'changed clothes'

  • The glider then descended in a spiral and hit the concrete and asphalt runway, and Miss Preston sustained a severe head injury.

    BBC: Glider crash site near Ashbourne

  • Mai-Lea Falla, seven, a pupil at Vale Junior School, suffered a severe head injury when she was hit in Summerfield Road last November.

    BBC: Guernsey girl's quad bike death ruled accidental

  • On the evening of 9 December 2009 shortly before Barry McCarney brought Millie to the Erne Hospital in a lifeless state, the prosecution say she suffered a severe head injury which caused her death.

    BBC: Millie Martin death: Barry McCarney murder trial opens

  • "The blast caused a violent collision between her head and the escape hatch area of the vehicle, causing a severe and fatal head injury, " it said.

    CNN: Scotland Yard: Bomb blast killed Bhutto

  • Types of injuries which would be sent to the Royal Cornwall Hospital include chest pains, strokes, head injury with loss of consciousness, severe abdominal pain and all severely ill children.

    BBC: West Cornwall Hospital

  • At the extreme end of the scale, the consequences of head injury are death, persistent vegetative state or severe physical and mental disablement.

    BBC: Therapy

  • Co-accused Andrew Henderson had been jailed for three years after admitting attacking Jones to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement by striking him on the head with a knife.

    BBC: David Jones

  • The pathologist reported that there was "unequivocal evidence" of severe impact injury to the back of the skull, with other possible injuries to the front and side of the head.

    BBC: Barry McCarney

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