• The three arrests are the latest in a series in connection with three linked police inquiries into alleged phone and e-mail hacking and illegal payments to police.


  • ViP series has Ethernet connection and will allow them to connect to Internet video library and access to your DVR, even HD programming.

    ENGADGET: Live from the EchoStar press conference

  • Also Monday, Beckloff ordered Katherine Jackson be given copies of her son's contracts in connection with a series of concerts that had been scheduled for this summer.

    CNN: Michael Jackson's mom gets custody of kids

  • Saddam and seven others are charged in connection with a series of 1982 detentions and executions in Dujayl a Shiite town north of Baghdad after assassination attempt against him.

    CNN: Officials: Saddam trial on track

  • Mr Lee had provoked these outbursts with an affidavit submitted to a court in connection with a series of defamation suits against Tang Liang Hong, a Singaporean opposition politician.

    ECONOMIST: Lee Kuan Yew: an apology

  • This is the government's second series of charges filed against former executives in connection with options backdating.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If they don't end up winning a 28th World Series title, at least they had a connection to one championship this year.

    WSJ: Yankees brass proud to welcome back champion Cano

  • "His testing laboratory consists of a series of software and hardware products, but the connection and communication methods, as well as ways of exploitation, are absolutely the same as they would be in an actual real-world scenario, " analysts at Help Net Security wrote in a blog post.

    CNN: Hacker says phone app could hijack plane

  • Fremont, CA (May 21, 2012) - Further demonstrating its market leading innovation and technological leadership, ASUS is proud to announce the launch of its P8Z77-V PREMIUM motherboard - the flagship of the P8Z77 Series and the first Intel certified motherboard in the market to offer the latest Thunderbolt connection interface.

    ENGADGET: ASUS and MSI launch Thunderbolt motherboards, tie for first place

  • Samsung, which is expected to introduce a new flagship smartphone in its Galaxy S series as early as April, said consumers seeking to replace its current handset and get a faster wireless connection through LTE network will drive the demand.

    NPR: Samsung 4Q Profits Top Forecasts On Galaxy Sales

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