• They were expected to help sensitize and develop larger ownership of community regarding importance of education in their areas.

    UNESCO: Office in Islamabad

  • More female directors may sensitize boards to CSR initiatives and provide perspectives that can be helpful in addressing key issues.

    FORBES: When Will Women Become Equal On Boards?

  • Media practitioners are natural allies in this regard as they are well positioned to sensitize the public to this issue.

    UNESCO: World Press Freedom Day 2012

  • The main objective was to assess the editorial independence of public service broadcasting (PSB) television in these countries and to sensitize media and advocacy groups on media freedom.

    UNESCO: Communication et information

  • The Symposium, which gathered experts from across the region, was organized to sensitize the public at large to the importance of intangible heritage and to discuss the challenges of safeguarding it.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • So we will mobilize, we will energize, we will sensitize, we will organize our people so that we can make a difference in public policy and help America to reshape her errant foreign policy.

    NPR: Louis Farrakhan on the Millions More Movement

  • There is also an awareness that we need to do more, we need to sensitize and mobilize our people to make people understand that this is a pandemic that so far has no cure.

    CNN: OAU chief calls for action at AIDS summit

  • The programme includes an illustrative exhibition, screening of scientific films, popular science talk and student activities, which aims to sensitize the students and the general visitors about the potential use of science and technology for the sustainable development.

    UNESCO: Politique scientifique et renforcement des capacit��s

  • To sensitize the local population about bioethical issues currently at stake in Gabon and explain the importance of the mandate of the new Gabonese Bioethics Committee, a press conference will be organized every evening until the closure of the training on 27 July.


  • In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration on Promoting Independent and Pluralistic Media, and to sensitize the public about the importance of press freedom, freedom of expression, pluralism and tolerance as sources for democratic debate, 3 public announcement spots about the Windhoek Declaration were produced based on the ideas and opinions of young people on the Windhoek Declaration.

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

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