• If there are lots of kids, this is a great time to pull the previously mentioned present sack out, reach in the bag, call out a name, and have a short visit with Santa.

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  • Mr Tung cannot easily sack those unwilling to carry out his policy that would smack of instability.

    ECONOMIST: Hong Kong: Blundering through | The

  • Bernie Fernandez chokes up remembering how he boarded the plane in a shirt and pants cut out from a sack of potatoes.

    CNN: Is Castro Cuban-Americans' Hitler?

  • Their average tenure has declined from ten years in the 1970s to six years today, and boards are becoming ever more likely to sack bosses if they get out of line, particularly in Europe.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • When the rubber sack makes contact with an object, whether a glass, a pen, or other hard item, a narrow inner tube sucks a small percentage of air out of the sack, making it contract and conform to the shape of the object it touches.

    FORBES: Welcome, with a Nod to Robotics

  • And the worst penalty a firm can mete out to a wrongdoer is the sack.

    ECONOMIST: Hunting corporate criminals

  • " All leading up to the punch line: As they watch sorry Old Peg and his sad-sack horse and crumbling buggy ramble down the road and out of hearing range, Allen Gore, known for being a dead-serious man, puts his arm around his son and deadpans, "There goes your future, Albert.

    CNN: Excerpt: 'The Prince of Tennessee: The Rise of Al Gore'

  • "I like the feed-sack prints, " she says, referring to the tradition of making quilts out of cloth sacks.

    WSJ: A Homestead Sprouts in the Ozarks

  • However, the minister can sack the chairman of a health trust if he feels he is not carrying out his or her duties.

    BBC: Northern Ireland

  • The 49ers must work their way out of the hole: Young drops back to pass, dodges a sack and fires a bomb to Rice, who catches it, scrambles and is dropped in Bronco territory for a big first down.

    CNN: Cyberplay: The Blitz Works!

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