• Korea's Financial Services Commission confirmed that about 2.4tn won in sell orders from foreign investors were processed on that day, most of them through Deutsche Bank's local securities unit.

    BBC: Deutsche Bank charged in South Korea over stock rout

  • Eric Varvel is the boss of Credit Suisse's investment bank, Harris Simmons heads Zions Bancorporation, a more local bank, and Allan O'Bryant runs the Japanese arm of Reinsurance Group of America.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • Virtually all the bank's 529 shareholders are local, adds Mr. Barbour, and they will continue to receive regular financial reports whose thoroughness should be "about on parity" with SEC filings.

    WSJ: The Intelligent Investor: When Laws Twist Markets

  • Hundreds of files relating to SBC's Local Government Pension Scheme were recovered from the recycling bank after being spotted by a member of the public.

    BBC: Scottish Borders Council dumped data case goes to hearing

  • But then there's this other statistic: over the past year, the local food bank reported a 69% increase in people requesting help.

    CNN: Welfare: Hungry At The Feast

  • For example, South Africa's Standard Bank, which operates in 18 African countries, packages local government bonds into instruments it sells to foreign investors.

    ECONOMIST: African financial markets

  • U.S. midsize investment bank Jefferies recently formed equities joint ventures with local partners in Thailand and Indonesia, while Nomura started coverage of Thai equities late last year.

    WSJ: Asian Brokers Benefit From Rising Stock-Trading Volumes

  • He called on local businesses and anyone using Thanet's beaches over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend who was affected by the spillage to come forward if they wanted to give evidence.

    BBC: Margate

  • The BBC's Business Editor, Robert Peston, said the archbishop's suggestion for breaking up a big bank to create smaller, local banks would be pretty expensive for taxpayers, both because of the capital the UK would need to inject into such a bank, and because breaking it up would involve massive IT challenges.

    BBC: Archbishop's warning over economic 'depression'

  • That will allow a few local dealers to make a killing from the World Bank's caution.

    ECONOMIST: Turning swords into ploughshares is proving tricky

  • When Goldman said it wanted to break Deutsche Bank's stranglehold on Germany's biggest corporations, local staff laughed.

    ECONOMIST: Goldman Sachs

  • Karl Knock, the chairman of a local bank, says he likes the openness of Mr Obama's campaign.


  • In Britain some local-government bodies are reportedly moving their deposits from Santander's British bank, even though it is locally capitalised and supervised.

    ECONOMIST: Greece and the euro

  • Over the weekend, a senior adviser to the People's Bank of China said that there are no signs of a rebound in the local economy, while a senior housing official said that the country plans to continue implementing strict property controls.

    WSJ: Asian Shares Down As Europe, China In Focus; Euro Falls

  • "There's plenty of demand, " says Marwan Ghandour, chairman of Lebanon Invest, a local investment bank.

    FORBES: Rebuilding a market

  • Local investors at least responded well to his programme: at the central bank's weekly auction of bolivar bonds on February 10th, prices were up 6%.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • It merged with Far East Bank to form the largest local lender, and tied up with Singapore's DBS to lift regional operations, even as domestic banking opens up further to foreigners.

    CNN: Asia's Memory Lapse

  • To the accompaniment of baroque recorder music piped through the building, Tetsuo Shimokawa, the chairman of Dogin, a local bank, blames poor communications with the rest of Japan for the island's woes.

    ECONOMIST: The first of an occasional series on Japan��s economic pains

  • On a visit to India in early November, Robert Rubin, chairman of Citigroup's executive committee and a former American treasury secretary, said that Citi might consider buying a local bank, if regulations allowed it to.

    ECONOMIST: India��s banks

  • Apart from Mr. Billard's melting bonus, a bank teller in British Columbia made national news after she told a local radio station of seeing bills that had melted a on car dashboard on a hot summer day.

    WSJ: Canada's New Banknotes Strike Some as Loonie

  • Cash is used much more frequently in many countries than in the U.S., and you'll always want some local currency on hand, especially if opening a bank account takes a while.

    WSJ: Getting Going: Managing Your Finances Abroad

  • Israel's more recent wars its attack on the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Lebanon in 1982, and its later battle against the Palestinian intifada in the occupied West Bank and Gaza have been fought against the Zionist movement's original, local enemies.

    ECONOMIST: Israel at 50

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