• Bike around the edge or cycle into the crater on Route 40, passing the Carpentry, a unique rock formation that resembles wood.

    BBC: Israel's mysterious ‘Grand Canyon’

  • The pathway then passes near the Rollright Stones, an eerie rock formation resembling a king and a witch, overlooking the plains.

    BBC: Following in the Bard’s footsteps – literally

  • Standing on the rim of this immense rock formation, the endless mosaic of reds, yellows and oranges is humbling and awe-inspiring.

    BBC: Touring the American Southwest in a cowboy’s boots

  • Horizontal Drilling now allows these same operators to drill and set pipe for a mile or more horizontally through this same rock formation.

    FORBES: Horizontal Drilling: A Technological Marvel Ignored

  • Since Mr. Foschi made those comments, on Monday, Italian authorities disclosed a timeline, noting Mr. Schettino's ship struck the rock formation at 9:45 p.m.

    WSJ: Italy Probes Captain's Phone Call With Boss

  • Imaging techniques are so good that geologists can approximate standing inside a rock formation to look for the spots most likely to hold oil.

    FORBES: Technology

  • It isolates and segregates different subsurface zones and rock units, it controls corrosion, and it stabilizes the well, the pipe and the rock formation itself.

    FORBES: The Fracking Solution Is A Good Cement Job

  • In a radical experiment which he called "building without foundations", he skipped the concrete substructure and instead built the guest wing on a pre-existing natural rock formation.

    BBC: An Alvar Aalto tour of Finland

  • The potential for an energy industry based on the region's prime location atop the gas-rich rock formation known as the Marcellus Shale also has drawn enthusiasm—and stirred debate.

    WSJ: Dreams of Binghamton

  • The town is in the southern part of the state near the Pennsylvania border, where the gas-rich rock formation known as the Marcellus Shale is most likely to see the first drilling activity if the ban is lifted.

    WSJ: NY town sued for banning 'frack' talk at meetings

  • Italian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the shipwreck, detaining the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, for questioning while top Italian officials criticized the ship for sailing so close to the shore of the island of Giglio, causing it to strike a rock formation just off the coast of the island.

    WSJ: Shares in Ship-Operator Carnival Plunge

  • The acquisition will allow Chevron to gain a foothold in the Marcellus shale, a giant rock formation underlying Pennsylvania, New York and other states that has become one of the most prolific sources of natural gas in the U.S. But how much equity value does this really add to the company?

    FORBES: Chevron's Natural Gas Push Has Limited Upside For Stock

  • Rather, as a consequence of injecting water and sand into the shale formation to crack the rocks so gas and oil will flow, massive amounts of waste water comes back to the surface with significant amounts of contaminants as a result of leaching out salt, heavy metals and trace amounts of radioactive materials from the rock formation itself.

    FORBES: U.S. Energy Independence - So Close, Yet So Far

  • Drillers also use sensors to detect particularly promising rock intervals within the formation, and are able to move the drill string up or down, left or right as they drill through the horizontal section to target those intervals.

    FORBES: Horizontal Drilling: A Technological Marvel Ignored

  • The Bakken formation is a 25, 000 square mile chunk of rock that underlies parts of North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan.

    FORBES: Forget Florida My Dear, This Year We Shall Winter in The Bakkens

  • Think about what this advancement has meant just in terms of access to the resources: When drilling into a hydrocarbon bearing formation 100 feet thick, vertical drilling would allow an operator to contact 100 feet of rock, which would limit your potential recovery to whatever oil or gas would flow into that length of pipe.

    FORBES: Horizontal Drilling: A Technological Marvel Ignored

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