• But social cohesion, and the superb diffusion of powers set up by the Founders, make such a vision risible.

    FORBES: Government Shutdown: A Psychodrama

  • Yet the events that delivered that role to him, via the leadership of the Conservative Party, followed a risible sequence.

    ECONOMIST: Memoirs are made of this

  • "We say the explanation put forward at this juncture is risible and should not in any way be taken into account, " he said.

    BBC: Omagh bomb scene

  • As for the Palestinians' diplomatic triumph with the risible Goldstone Report and its attendant UNHRC resolution, Israel's response to date has been misguided and self-defeating.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Waging diplomatic war

  • In short, the tax side of this budget deal fails all tests of sensible fiscal policy: the costs will be high and the economic benefits risible.

    ECONOMIST: 2002, a fiscal odyssey

  • It is risible to think that the first Congress wrote the Alien Tort Statute intending to enable federal courts to adjudicate claims of war crimes committed abroad.

    FORBES: Judge's Dissent In Rio Tinto Case Slams Alien-Tort Claims

  • One-month Treasury bills offered a risible 0.05% yield at the end of trading, down from 0.07%, and the three-month return of 0.34%, unchanged from Tuesday, was also not much of a consideration.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • According to the Interior Ministry, the incumbent won 25m votes out of 39m cast, compared with 13m for Mr Mousavi and a risible 300, 000 for Mr Karroubi, a former speaker of parliament.

    ECONOMIST: The crisis in Iran

  • Martin Freeman stars as Arthur Dent, your basic tetchy Brit, who is dragged along by his un-British indeed, unhuman friend Ford Prefect (Mos Def) on a trip through some of the more risible highlights of deep space.

    NEWYORKER: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • This is a risible choice, because while a senior EPA official in the Clinton administration, Goldman never met a regulation she didn't like and oversaw extremely radical, unscientific decision- and policy-making, especially toward chemicals and biotechnology.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • Spider-Man himself, wounded in the leg, hitches a ride on a succession of huge cranes, in a scene that even the most muscular of Soviet realists would have considered risible: Heroic crane operators of the world, unite!

    NEWYORKER: Tangled Webs

  • With a risible cameo by Peter Boyle.

    NEWYORKER: Honeymoon in Vegas

  • Shadow leader of the Lords Baroness Royall said it was "risible" to suggest that the issue was a pressing one, at a time when "people across the country are deeply worried" about the economy, jobs and rising prices.

    BBC: Ashdown: Peers are 'creatures of patronage'

  • So he describes Grey's visits to Mormon settlements, his identification with the Navajo cause and his fishing expeditions which, to judge from some rather risible photographs, resulted in the occasional enormous catch, though producing little of literary value.

    ECONOMIST: The writer of westerns

  • In fact, minor parties get vastly more deference and air time than they deserve, either (in my view) for their often risible platforms (when they actually have platforms, which is the exception, as they are usually one issue or one faction leader-based).

    FORBES: PM Noda Earns a Place In Japanese History with Consumption Tax Passage

  • The European position is feeble but not risible, for it has offered an overall average cut in its farm tariffs of 39%, up from 25% only a month ago, though with rather a lot of loopholes that could severely limit the benefits.

    ECONOMIST: Trade and poverty

  • He said the kind of "petty cash sanctions" being imposed on Sinn Fein and the PUP were risible and that the type of organised heist of cigarettes which took place in his constituency over Christmas would pay for such sanctions for 22 years.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Sinn Fein vows to fight sanctions

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