• But it is a demonstration that one aspect of consciousness can be modified in a reproducible way.

    ECONOMIST: Consciousness

  • They insist that their results are reproducible, and that corporate clients who have tested their materials (under a vow of silence) have been satisfied.

    ECONOMIST: Space-age soot

  • Which means that while there are definitely some good, reliable, reproducible yoga and meditation studies, there are also more than a few with poor methodologies.

    FORBES: The Absurdity of Homeopathy and the Danger of Too Much Skepticism

  • It made him feel foolish to be so predictable, so reproducible.


  • Her project aims to establish a simple, robust and reproducible platform for a genome-wide search for new cancer autoantigens and the evaluation of the corresponding circulating autoantibodies as biomarkers.

    UNESCO: 2007 UK and Ireland Winners

  • What the American public gets is a product that is manufactured under GMP conditions and with a formulation that has been demonstrated to provide reproducible rates of absorption and blood levels.

    FORBES: Do Get-Rich-Quick Biotech Investors Know How to Read?

  • True, wine words can be pretty hilarious, mostly unintentionally, but for the record, at least some of the phoniest-sounding--take "road tar" for instance, or "petrol"--turn out to be easily experienced, reproducible results.

    FORBES: Faking It

  • However, the development of reproducible methods to control stem cell growth and differentiation is still a challenge and major studies are needed before stem cells can be widely used for therapeutic purposes.

    UNESCO: 2010 UK and Ireland Winners

  • Such manufacturability implies that repeated fabrication of artefacts is possible to produce electronic, optical, magnetic or other properties with a high and highly reproducible yield within a tight tolerance of a pre-specified performance.

    FORBES: Are There Physical Limits to Nanotechnology?

  • The resulting specimens will then be sorted and the best (ie, those that have flourished in the saline soils of Miyagi's paddies) selected for crossbreeding, in order to concentrate desirable mutations into reproducible lines of plants.

    ECONOMIST: Salt-tolerant rice

  • Because most small-molecule drugs can be manufactured with easily replicable chemical processes that lead to a largely reproducible drug formulation, the clinical trial data that supported approval of the original version can be relied upon for the generic versions.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • Those qualities lend them a special fascination today, when our written messages are instantly and infinitely reproducible, and hence far easier to preserve than the precious documents on display here, yet by the same token immeasurably poorer in personal meaning.

    WSJ: Lux in Arcana | Capitoline Museum | The Papacy's Private Papers | By Francis X. Rocca

  • "As the scientific community has been saying for a long time, there is no good, credible, reproducible research that supports the hypothesis that MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine causes autism, " said Dr. Max Wiznitzer, an autism expert at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

    CNN: Autism ruling fails to convince many vaccine-link believers

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