• But it may prove hard for him to find enough support for his repressive system.

    ECONOMIST: Russian modernisation

  • "The repressive system that Egyptians have suffered under for three decades has not gone away and the state of emergency remains in place, " said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International's secretary general.

    CNN: Egypt's Mubarak resigns after 30-year rule

  • He understood that the ideology that animated them, Islamofascism, was much like those of previous totalitarians: ruthless, messianic and utterly determined to impose its repressive political system on all others, unless prevented from doing so.


  • China's support for its increasingly successful—and profitable—artists and galleries may well be no more than a figleaf for a repressive political system, but the western art world, eager for a new audience and a new market, likes seeing red.

    ECONOMIST: Two leading art fairs are showcasing new art from China

  • Even if the police stick to the book, Bahrain has a repressive enough legal system to squash most dissent.

    ECONOMIST: Bahrain

  • These are newly minted British heroes who Gitmo critics praise lavishly and elevate to the status of poster boys for the repressive American detention system.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Guantanamo Bay: five years later

  • Its political system is repressive, its economy is riddled with corruption, its population is aging (or, depending on your interpretation, dying out), people drink a lot, the railroads are in bad shape and the roads in worse, and the weather sucks.

    FORBES: Russia's Suicide Rate Continues To Decrease

  • And the repressive state-dominated financial system those savings are kept in is actually well placed to deal with repayment delays and defaults.

    ECONOMIST: Resilient China

  • Using the payments system as a repressive tool for or against certain behavior is like using Catholic Church attendance as a way to target illegal immigrants.

    FORBES: Generic Viagra Industry Is Pro-Choice In Payments

  • When Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in December 2010, in an act that ignited youth driven revolution across Tunisia and throughout the Arab world, he was rallying against a system that was not only corrupt and repressive but which offered little prospect of decent jobs for young people like himself.

    BBC: Tunisia’s unemployed revolutionaries head to Europe

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