• But the last thing it needs are the quack remedies of a charlatan whose real intention is to kill the patient.

    BBC: Charles Kennedy

  • That man picking up a rock - what was his real intention?


  • "But we have to make sure... that the other side comes with authentic intentions with a fair and real intention to resolve the issue, " he said.

    BBC: Iran's Khamenei rejects US nuclear talks offer

  • And I think it was clear, again, when talks broke down earlier this week bilaterally, that they were -- they had no real intention of entering into a constructive dialogue like this.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Before, batsmen could play with their pads, usually with the bat tucked in behind, so they would be deemed to be playing a shot, despite having no real intention of hitting the ball.

    WSJ: Why Test Cricket Is All In a Spin

  • "If the Abe administration's real intention is to implant the idea of an imminent war in the minds of the public, China also must send the same message to the Chinese public, " the editorial adds.

    BBC: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Yuudachi

  • And the meanings he gives to his words show that he has no real intention of doing anything to thwart evil, any more than he had any concrete actions to propose to punish North Korea.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: "Never Again," Obama Style

  • But we have to make sure this time -- and this I think is very fair of us -- to make sure the other side this time comes with an authentic intention -- authentic and real intention to resolve the issue.

    CNN: Iran says it will resume nuclear talks in Kazakhstan

  • So even if this week's hurdles can be overcome, Iran may have no intention of pursuing real negotiations with the Europeans.

    ECONOMIST: But who is squeezing whom?

  • "On 27 May, United made clear its intention to report Real Madrid if it continued to involve itself in the future of Ronaldo, " the statement read.

    BBC: Real deny Man Utd Ronaldo claims

  • The suspicion is that the army has no intention of surrendering real power to an Islamist-dominated parliament, and may be hatching plans to tilt the presidential election to its advantage.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt��s presidential race

  • The Real IRA said it had "no intention of interfering in any way with any witness to the Saville Inquiry".

    BBC: Relatives challenge police screening

  • "A very small percentage of what's built is real architecture--something where there was an intention to make something beautiful in the most optimistic, humanistic way, " says Gehry.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But, as ever in the Berlusconi era, the real concern is not their objective merits but their subjective intention which seems to be to undermine Mr Berlusconi's attackers.

    ECONOMIST: A change, they say, is as good as a rest

  • To his credit, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has announced his intention to support the President's original position by making it clear that there is a real price to be paid by the United Nations for ignoring the United States ' concerns - and those of freedom - and human rights-loving people all over the world.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: No money for latest U.N. human rights flim-flam

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