• However, in an era of ever expanding content and content size product developers may want to consider fattening up their offering to create market differentiation and to meet the needs of mobile business and professional users.

    FORBES: Are Fat Tablets in Your Future?

  • At a time of economic crisis, their finding resonates - economic growth slows dramatically when the size of a country's debt rises above 90% of Gross Domestic Product, the overall size of the economy.

    BBC: News

  • The Union City, Calif. medical device maker finally delivered on its flagship product, a toaster-size machine that runs a battery of blood tests in minutes.

    FORBES: Medicine Man

  • Economies of scale are the cost savings associated with a larger production size of certain product, the larger the production scale, the lower the per unit product cost.

    FORBES: Groupon's Advantage

  • For most business processes outside of marketing there are lots of variations based on the product, the industry and the size of the company.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The HitClips product line centers on thumbnail-size microchips containing prerecorded music samples, mostly bubble-gummy singles by such teenybopper chart-toppers as Sugar Ray and Christina Aguilera.

    CNN: Technology - Coming soon: A micro boombox

  • While no two organizations are alike, they often do share common particulars: industry, departments, geography, organization size and distribution, product area, and sometimes even similar organizational cultures.

    FORBES: Case Studies Provide The Best Insight Into Successful Culture In Social Businesses

  • Economies of scale are the cost savings associated with a larger production scale (size) of certain product, the larger the production scale, the lower the per unit product cost.

    FORBES: Is Groupon's Business Model Sustainable?

  • The NIC suggests that by 2030, Asia will have more "overall power" than the US and Europe combined - taking into account population size, gross domestic product (GDP), military spending and investment in technology.

    BBC: Asia 'to eclipse' US and Europe by 2030 - US report

  • The U.S. gross domestic product has expanded by greater than the size of the entire Chinese economy since the 2003 tax cuts on income, dividends and cap gains.

    FORBES: 2007: Year The Dam Breaks?

  • The brand began offering push-button start in 2007 on its Altima mid-size sedan, a mainstream product if ever there was one, and has continued to expand the offering across its portfolio.

    FORBES: Drivers -- But Not All -- Love Vehicles' Push-Button Starts

  • The I-Corps programme is based on the premise that all new ventures are little more than a series of untested hypotheses—in other words, optimistic guesses about market size, customer needs, product pricing and sales channels.

    ECONOMIST: Innovation

  • This process works for almost any type of product, in any industry, for any size of company.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The problem: Contract selection is never random but influenced by factors such as fleet size, usage level, types of product and risk aversion.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If a market have achieved this point. the only way to increase market size is to lower prices of the product to accommodate the increase in output.

    FORBES: Renewable Energy and Total Factor Productivity

  • To put that into context - it is more than a quarter of the total GDP (gross domestic product) for the whole world - about the size of the US and Japanese economies combined.

    BBC: Tax evasion aided by global inertia

  • Talking with Asus executives about their new baby, the picture emerges of a project where unusual resources were dedicated to rapid development and engineering, and unusually narrow margins and tolerances are built into the final product, in order to meet the requirements for size, weight and battery life.

    FORBES: Seven Inches, Four Months, A Number One Sales Target: How Asus Built The Nexus 7

  • There is very little overlap between Ford's product line in Europe, which favors driving dynamics over size, and North America.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The emerging markets fixed income product line is likely to triple or even quadruple in size by the end of the current decade.

    FORBES: Outside Of Treasurys, Emerging Market Debt World's Best Buy

  • We also felt there was an opportunity there with a smaller size Blizzard -- which is our signature product -- to perhaps bundle it with a combo meal or a food meal, as well.

    CNN: Fast food treat is shrinking

  • So these are some the key points in the long process of design development of an HTC phone, where engineers and designers push each other to uncomfortable realm, before eventually delivering the near-final product to Peter Chou for his ultimate test on the size, feel in hand, feel in pocket and even the ringtones.

    ENGADGET: HTC talks smartphone design: from inception to final product

  • They don't consider deficits of that size (3.6% of gross domestic product) a problem, particularly if they're financing pro-growth tax cuts.

    FORBES: Your Next Tax Hike

  • Jen and her partner, are proof that a great product, intelligent people and a passionate environment, regardless of size wins the best talent.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurial Recruiting: Staying Competitive When Staffing Top Talent

  • By late 2007, the notional value of outstanding credit-default swaps was about sixty trillion dollars—more than four times the size of the U.S. gross domestic product.

    NEWYORKER: What Good Is Wall Street?

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