• "We have seen the bull breed type becoming increasingly popular as a status breed, which sets off the owner's image, " said Ms Jenkins.

    BBC: Battersea call to cut 'status dog' numbers

  • Of course, the signature and most popular program of this type is Social Security.

    FORBES: Obama's SOTU and What Government Shouldn't Do

  • Popular with baby boomers, this type of authentic, real life experience is a backlash against the bubble-like environment of all-inclusive resorts, theme parks, gaudy tourist attractions and cruises, according to the University of Illinois.

    BBC: A trip back to your roots

  • He said the Year of the Pig has significance in the Chinese calendar, and noted that type of jewelry was popular in Asian cultures, but little other information had yet been gleaned from the jewelry.

    WSJ: Suburban NY police probe remains found near shore

  • Also popular were activities involving music or some type of performance and tutoring, mentoring and coaching.

    FORBES: Retirement With A Purpose

  • Those type of businesses are very popular because you own it, and can have the flexibility parents need.

    FORBES: Stay-At-Home Parents Choose to Start Businesses Instead of Returning to Work

  • This type of content is very popular with the connected Gen Y generation, and can go viral quickly with social sharing functions.

    FORBES: The Sexy, Modern And Growing Store Chain - EWC

  • Meanwhile, a type of mortgage that was popular among first-time buyers during the housing boom has withered further, following announcements made by lenders on Budget Day.

    BBC: Budget 2013: Mortgage move 'significant' for buyers

  • This new type of sharing is most popular with the fashion, design and art worlds and will create a new intellectual property stir among an industry that is already loathe to user-shared content.

    FORBES: A New Media Headache: Pinterest

  • The second aspect of the Singularity that Stross takes a look at in his anti-Singularity arguments is the prospect of uploading the brain into a computer, which is a popular means in speculative fiction for a type of immortality.

    FORBES: What's the Likelihood of the Singularity? Part Two: Uploading the Brain

  • In 2002, Jennifer Lopez was the first contemporary celebrity to reinvigorate this type of partnership, releasing the popular Glow by J.

    FORBES: Smelling Out Sales In Perfume

  • South Africa hair guru and businessman Jabu Stone, affectionately known as "Mr Dreads" says this type of hair was not always popular.

    BBC: South Africa's dreadlock thieves

  • Last year eBay released query suggestions, a feature that displays related searches and popular items below the search box as you type in your query.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Users are provided with hosting for their site and a Web-based interface where they can enter their posts. (Disclosure: Forbes.com uses the TypePad service to power its blogs, including one by the author of this story.) Six Apart also operates LiveJournal, a popular free blogging service, and sells Movable Type, blogging software which companies and individuals can install on their own Web servers.

    FORBES: Silence Of The Blogs

  • Type securities fraud class action into the popular AltaVista search engine and the third item on the screen is the Web site address for Milberg, Weiss, the law firm of strike-suit king William Lerach.

    FORBES: Lawsuit.com

  • Three people from last year's list missed the cut, including Sim Wong Hoo, whose Creative Technology's iPod-type player lost ground to Apple's popular iPod.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This event is following the popular hackathon format where people come together in an open source type of way to solve problems, in this case, in American cities, communities, and states.

    FORBES: White House Announces Hacking Event

  • So for example, President Barack Obama when he gets four more years, that got retweeted some 770, 000 times, within 24 hours, it's that type of record now that is probably the most popular.


  • It wants to hear from anyone who may have seen an old-type blue Ford Escort van near the beach, popular with dog walkers, on Monday evening, when the killings are believed to have taken place.

    BBC: Inspector Lynn Williams at Afonwen beach

  • Over 100 compatible games are available to download from the Google Play, including popular titles: Cordy, Sleepy Jack, Whale Trail, Asphalt 5 HD, R-Type, Reckless Getaway, Reckless Racing, Samurai II: Vengence, Guns'n'Glory, Wind-Up Knight, Sonic CD and Zenonia.

    ENGADGET: Gametel Bluetooth mobile controller lands stateside for $49.99

  • Let us then submit those proposals to a popular vote with the requirement that the two plans receiving the most votes after a primary-type ballot would then be ultimately submitted to the American public for a vote within, say, 90 days.

    FORBES: The No Nothing Party and Woody Allen's Choice

  • Type 2 used to be called adult-onset diabetes, but that term has become less popular as more and more children are turning up with it.

    ECONOMIST: Diabetes

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