• Gentle with newcomers, generous in passing on his skills, he would puncture pretension and pomposity.

    ECONOMIST: With thanks for helping us to write a bit better

  • The best reason to stay with it is Vaughn, whose lanky wryness wards off the threat of pomposity.

    NEWYORKER: Return to Paradise

  • It is the exact opposite of President Tudjman's pomposity and regal manner which many Croats have come to resent.

    BBC: Analysis: Mesic's return

  • The result can be a pomposity that is almost buffoonish in a world where France is no longer a front-rank power.


  • The editor of Richard Burton's diaries says the legendary Welsh actor remained down to earth and without pomposity, despite his huge success.

    BBC: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

  • She also captures the political atmosphere of modern Russia, including the obfuscation and pomposity, the shameless mendacity, the hopeless squabbles and wishful thinking of the opposition.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • They exhibit American ambition, gluttony and pomposity in equal amounts.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • What it was about was brilliant writing, preferably witty, and avoiding the pomposity that Mr Astor had objected to at Oxford, whether dealing with politics, books and arts, fashion, gossip or the generally unpredictable.

    ECONOMIST: David Astor | The

  • And despite his tendency toward public pomposity, there was an occasional exuberance to Albert Gore that came out mostly when he was telling stories in Tennessee, or showing off at the center of a crowd, or playing his fiddle.

    CNN: Excerpt: 'The Prince of Tennessee: The Rise of Al Gore'

  • That is the sort of image that Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's prime minister for the past 22 years, has sought to cultivate—as a man not afraid to speak his mind, to call a spade a spade, to stand up against foreign pomposity and bullying.

    ECONOMIST: Mahathir Mohamad

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