• Already 200, 000 eco-tourists a year flock to see the island's towering 1, 000-to-7, 200-year-old cedars, phantasmagoric plant life and hordes of monkeys.

    FORBES: Mister Natural

  • Scientists will eventually find widespread evidence of simple, microbial life, they theorized, but complex animal or plant life will prove extremely rare.

    FORBES: We've Got Company

  • The Smithsonian's Fitzhugh says ancient plant life in the hunting areas may tell us what the climate was like thousands of years ago.

    NPR: History Emerging from the Ice

  • He was wearing brown moleskin pants, a green cardigan sweater, and a plaid shirt with some sort of plant life on the placket.

    NEWYORKER: Sole Mate

  • The gardens, inhabited by plant life from different biomes around the world, is the main attraction, but they are only part of the Phipps story.

    FORBES: See green

  • The Osa Peninsula is a wildlife treasure trove, a black sand and blue skies paradise with an abundance of exotic animals, insects and plant life.

    FORBES: Take A Trip To The "Happiest Country On Earth"

  • The men will be retired professionals: doctors, lawyers, engineers, stockbrokers, interested in Arctic exploration, polar bears, archeology, birds, Inuit crafts, perhaps even Vikings or plant life or geology.

    NEWYORKER: Stone Mattress

  • Hardly anything can grow there due to the impossibly cold climate and any plant life that manages to sprout up out of the ground is rare and quite determined.

    FORBES: An Arctic River Cruise Should Be Your Next Adventure

  • This is a golden age for plant life, but the alarmists and their media allies want us to forget all that and instead focus on the asserted global warming allergy crisis.

    FORBES: Global Warmists Allergic To The Truth During Pollen Season

  • Known as the driest, highest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert is full of surprises: mountains, volcanoes, salt flats, geysers, wetlands, hot springs and an abundance of animal and plant life.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The lakes have filled back up, the plant life is so green it's dazzling to behold, and neighbors are boasting to each other across the fence how low their water bills are.

    NPR: Unusual Breed of Mosquitoes Hits Dallas

  • Maybe not human life, but abundant plant life.

    FORBES: A Closer Look at The New 'Dark Souls II' Screenshots

  • As in the Gulf, the oil deposits were created during a period of flourishing plant life 80 million years ago, when rivers draining Africa and South America dumped sediments into the narrow and shallow sea then separating the two continents.

    FORBES: Going deep

  • Couple such capability with new satellite measurements (America's Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 is due to launch in a few years) and better measurements of the mass of plant life in forests and other ecosystems, and the planet's greenhouse-gas credits and debits will surely be understood far better.

    ECONOMIST: Greenhouse-gas monitoring

  • But given the zeal of global warming alarmists and their media allies to paint anything and everything associated with global warming as a harbinger of doom and gloom, we are unlikely to see even a single news article this spring pointing out how global warming is benefiting plant life as a whole.

    FORBES: Global Warmists Allergic To The Truth During Pollen Season

  • Rather than fight googly-eyed martians, however, you help spread life to the Red Planet, planting a variety of seeds which in turn grow a variety of plant-life, and awaken other forms of life, as you traverse the depths.

    FORBES: Connect

  • So for all the wonderful benefits of better plant-life conditions, there will be a relatively small negative side effect.

    FORBES: Global Warmists Allergic To The Truth During Pollen Season

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