• The result-sleek, modern, elegant, restrained-was deemed so chic that Architectural Digest devoted a pictorial to it in 2002.

    FORBES: The Rail World

  • Instead, they acted out the brand in skits and pictorial outlines called storyboards.

    FORBES: Too Smart for its Own Good

  • It is a typically early-Cubist, dun-colored congeries of arrowing lines and shaded planes, nudging in and out of shallow pictorial depth.

    NEWYORKER: Shapes of Things

  • They have also drawn heavily on the magnificent unpublished pictorial archives at the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club of Great Britain.

    ECONOMIST: Madness and its men

  • In 1930, he found his mentor, Arshile Gorky, whose harrowing agon with the art of Picasso broached a new mode of pictorial space.

    NEWYORKER: Shifting Picture

  • Click here for a pictorial history of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and its impact on the economy and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico.

    FORBES: On The Gulf Coast, Somebody Will Pay

  • The theory is that these large, pictorial networks mirror the way our brains work, making it easier to spot connections and insert new ideas.

    FORBES: 5 Best Apps for Getting and Staying Organized

  • Despite all the violence, the movie is aesthetically shaped and slightly distanced by the pictorial verve of gangland effrontery—the public aggression that Mann makes inseparable from high style.

    NEWYORKER: Public Enemies

  • Baked goods loom large in my pictorial history, as does the use and abuse of Dep Gel and even, dare I say it, an affinity for socks and sandals.

    ENGADGET: Growing Up Geek: Christopher Trout Alt

  • Another eMarketer study in October found that video spending grew 47.2% in 2007, more than either pictorial display ads or the text ads that appear next to search results.

    FORBES: Yes, You Too Can YouTube

  • Feuillade, a master of pictorial composition, texture, architecture, and gesture, captures imposing vistas and teeming details from the streets of Paris and imbues them with moods of mystery and menace.

    NEWYORKER: Fantômas

  • Swanberg (who is both the cinematographer and the director) brings his story to life in ironic images that reflect his conflicting desires for pictorial solidity and fluid responsiveness to nuance.

    NEWYORKER: Hannah Takes the Stairs

  • Conventions in punctuation and word placement were all bent in this quest for pictorial mood, and this is what makes the arrival of both writers so startling in the history of prose.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The waistcoat and breeches showed the body beneath, as the wig and hat showed the brain beneath—though, in some cases, it was a pictorial exaggeration to suggest that any brains lay beneath.

    NEWYORKER: The Limner

  • Another figure yet to be apprehended is Mr Hussein himself, along with most of the top henchmen and -women in the deck of pictorial cards the Americans have produced to aid identification of the guiltiest.

    ECONOMIST: The conflict is over. Now for the casus belli

  • By giving away its site's traffic in exchange for more video views, Google is likely betting on the future of "in-stream" advertising--video ad clips or pictorial ads overlaid on videos--rather than the display ads or text ads that typically appear on Google's sites.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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