• Even voters in North-Rhine Westphalia, the most heavily-populated German state, rejected her party in favour of the Social Democrats (SPD), who promised to go easy on cutting debt.

    BBC: Euro crisis: The European maze

  • Were the party in favour, it could share in the credit for academies and focus its ire on other aspects of his work such as his proposed overhaul of the school curriculum, which some find too prescriptive, or his criticism of examination standards.

    ECONOMIST: Labour��s education divide

  • Yet as kingmaker Mr Dacic dropped his alliance with the Democratic Party of Boris Tadic in favour of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led by Tomislav Nikolic, who defeated Mr Tadic in the presidential election.

    ECONOMIST: Serbia��s government

  • But the resistance is politically passive and a cross-party consensus in favour is holding.

    ECONOMIST: Germany and Afghanistan

  • Golkar wanted this applied to the districts, but the opposition feared it would work in the ruling party's favour.

    ECONOMIST: On democracy��s front line

  • "I was attacked by people who are now in your Solidarity Party for abandoning Marxism and Leninism in favour of a broad Socialist party, " he added.

    BBC: Court hears Tommy Sheridan denied sex club claims

  • Local party bosses tend to favour local Chinese firms another reason why tie-ups can be helpful.

    ECONOMIST: Consumer goods

  • They urged MSPs to put party politics aside in favour of the health of the nation.

    BBC: Health chiefs in booze price plea

  • The party is officially in favour of cutting the EU budget.

    BBC: Cameron facing EU budget dilemma

  • The MSP said that a majority of the supporters of each party were also in favour of wind farm developments even when they were in their own area.

    BBC: Tories and SNP clash over wind power support

  • Mr Ball, a former aircraft pilot, decided to stand for the election because he believed there was an intention to slant commissioner elections heavily in favour of party political candidates.

    BBC: Warwickshire PCC election: Independent Ron Ball wins

  • Mr Obama and his fellow Democrats were confident of passing a significant reform of health care in early 2010 after the Senate voted, along party lines, in favour of a bill.

    ECONOMIST: The world this week

  • It is a sad indictment of Republican short-sightedness that all discussion of creating the flatter, simpler tax system that the party is supposed to favour has given way to squabbling over a grab-bag of politically-appealing goodies.

    ECONOMIST: The truth about taxes

  • Yet another suggests a sharp rise in the flat rate of payroll tax that bosses pay for workers on DM610, thus discouraging hiring them (this from a party otherwise claiming to favour tax cuts to boost jobs).

    ECONOMIST: German jobs

  • She said her party was not in favour of abortion but believed that the option of termination should be available in the case of rape, sexual abuse or incest, or where a pregnant woman's life was in danger.

    BBC: NI Assembly fails in bid to change abortion law

  • It's an interesting issue, it's always been a matter for free votes, as you know, my own particular position has been a minority one inside the Labour Party which is in favour of the so-called middle way option of better regulation at one of the options which was flagged up by the report of Lord Burns.

    BBC: News Online

  • If they change allegiance or get expelled from that party, they will be obliged to give up their seat in favour of another of the party loyalists.

    BBC: Previous Your Views (6)

  • Some in Mr Berlusconi's Forza Italia, the right's biggest party, believe the referendums favour modernity.

    ECONOMIST: Italy

  • The assignment of seats to each party has been reasonably fair, though the formula used was biased in favour of Mr Habibie's ruling Golkar party.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia��s dangerous politics | The

  • Martin Curtis was elected at a full council meeting during which cabinet-style government was rejected in favour of cross-party committees.

    BBC: Cambridgeshire's council leader is Tory Martin Curtis

  • She said that, since local liberal democrats had been "campaigning to save public services", voting in favour would leave his party and councillors "looking extremely opportunistic".

    BBC: Nick Clegg

  • And these people wouldn't necessarily be in favour of a Republican Party that's preoccupied with making the world a better and more secure place for those who are already very wealthy.

    BBC: Wall street sign

  • And with many foreign journalists allowed in the country (a ban is usually enforced), plus some access to local media for the opposition, a case could be made for fairer reporting of events, though most local coverage was still skewed heavily in favour of the ruling party.

    ECONOMIST: Mostly peaceful, but hardly fair | The

  • And yet the odds must favour Mr Wallace persuading his party to toe the coalition line.

    ECONOMIST: Scotland

  • Earlier, Greek conservative leader Antonis Samaras said all his party's MPs must vote in favour of the bailout law.

    BBC: Greece bailout: PM Lucas Papademos gives final warning

  • Such gerrymandering can be extremely partisan when the majority party in a legislature draws districts that favour its candidates, as the Republicans did in Texas a decade ago.

    ECONOMIST: Election boundaries

  • He has manipulated the system to favour both himself and the ruling party, Golkar.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia��s next president

  • The Alliance party's Chris Lyttle also spoke in favour of the motion and opposed the SDLP amendment.

    BBC: Continuation of the Department of Justice

  • As Mr Elci points out, although six judges ruled in favour of the ban on his party, five ruled against it.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey��s Kurds

  • On December 4th, Labor members of parliament changed leaders a fifth time, dumping Mr Beazley in favour of Kevin Rudd, the party's foreign-affairs spokesman.

    ECONOMIST: A new leader for Labor Party

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