• My translator was sitting in a metal folding chair in the foyer, looking pallid.

    NEWYORKER: Election, Monitored

  • The pallid recovery should strengthen next year as exporters, spurred by a weak pound, hit their stride.

    ECONOMIST: The economy after the election

  • Many Americans suffer tomatoes so pallid and tasteless that they must wonder: Why not just sell red-tinted cardboard instead?

    FORBES: Not seeing red

  • She pressed her pallid and wild-eyed face up to the glass so that her nose and lips flattened and distorted.

    NEWYORKER: The Visitor

  • If she is carrying a girl—surprise, surprise—she will develop ulcers on her thighs, bruises on her feet and a pallid complexion.

    ECONOMIST: Renaissance advice books

  • It begins with a magnificent re-creation of the 2004 tsunami—a mighty wave that entirely overwhelms the rather pallid movie that follows.

    NEWYORKER: Hereafter

  • Del Toro was pallid, and it did not look as if he had continued losing weight: he was still wearing black sweats.

    NEWYORKER: Show The Monster

  • When overcooked — usually by boiling — the Brussels sprout loses its viridian luster and resembles its pallid cousin, the boiled cabbage.

    NPR: Turning a New Leaf on a Misunderstood Sprout

  • The U.S. wouldn't be the mighty and vibrant colossus it is today but rather a pallid and stagnant version of western Europe.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Her skin was pallid, shiny, as though she had a fever.

    NEWYORKER: The Reptile Garden

  • The weather, so balmy in June, reverted to rainy type in July, confounding predictions of a prolonged scorcher, leaving the meteorologists red-faced and the skin of stay-at-home Britons pallid.

    ECONOMIST: Britain’s long, hot-and-cold summer of uncertainty

  • Fluorescent bulbs emit a pallid, bleached light that is okay for hallways and porches, but which fails to flatter and provide a good quality of light for living rooms.

    ECONOMIST: On the environment, Paris Hilton, Sri Lanka, DP World, animal sacrifices, Apple, the future | The

  • Under the studio lights, he can seem—with his spectral white hair, pallid skin, cool eyes, and expansive forehead—like a rail-thin being who has rocketed to Earth to deliver humanity some hidden truth.

    NEWYORKER: No Secrets

  • Vineyards were adapted for other uses, and what was left was set to producing mass quantities of harsh reds and pallid whites for export to Russia, Poland and elsewhere in the Eastern bloc.

    FORBES: Raising the Curtain

  • But the atmosphere is too rich for the pallid plot: Jack Skellington, the bony master of ceremonies in Halloweentown, discovers the spirit of Christmas and tries to import it into his ghoulish world.

    NEWYORKER: Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Alice herself, well played by the grave and spectrally pallid Mia Wasikowska, is no child but a stubborn young lady, scorning an offer of marriage in the overworld and descending, instead, to the subterranean.

    NEWYORKER: Alice in Wonderland

  • But the aristocrats, pallid though they were by Philippine standards, were less Edwardian buffers than mestizos of Spanish-indigenous or Spanish-Chinese blood, whose landholdings and feudal attitudes were reminiscent of nowhere so much as time-warped Pakistan.

    ECONOMIST: Corazon Aquino

  • While he may have already capitulated to Union troops, she enlists the stalwart Confederate general of her imagination to fight one more losing battle with the new Southern male, a pallid spawn who can't shoot, can't hunt, can't fight, and can't play cards.

    ECONOMIST: American fiction (1): Cauterise | The

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